This is the colour corrector button. To enable this mode, NAV and the shift button must be enabled the buttons to the bottom left of the panel. Incidence of fader jitter oscillation seen on some units reduced. This is really strange. Hi thanks for your answer, I have Smoke for mac SP4, which is the recommended version of eucon software package? I hope that you are all well!!!!

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I tried software version 1. The serial number may start with a zero 0 or it may start with a epuhonix of letters. But then, music users are especially sensitive, and I think the situation would be even better if developer communication were improved and rollbacks were possible even without Time Machine.

It appears that network changes in Mac OS Once you’ve installed this software, refer to the EUCON Application Setup Guide PDFalso included with this installer, to get the latest supplementary instructions for using your Artist Series media controller with your software applications.

Support for Cubase 4. I saw people looking at this at IBC for side by side grading and balancing. First un-install the old drivers before installng the correct ones.

I hope that you are all well!!!! Using a switch, the panels are connect via the network to the workstation and the Eucon app and drivers do the rest. PreviewFX is probably the function I use the most because it caches the current frame and you see results.


MC Control users can speedily scroll through Pro Tools tracks using the jog wheel. This has been fixed.

With the release of Smokebe sure to check out the new eupgonix on the Smoke Learning Channel! I must apologise because my system I usually work on is currently in transport limbo back from IBC so I thought for this weeks blog I would treat you to one of the new features of Smoke ext 1.

The first thing to know about this mode is that the panel can divided up to 3 sections. Davis 8 years ago. You have a bunch of modes you can tell it euphonjx you want to show initially on the knobs, and one press gets you to the plugin in control mode.

Mac Users: Might Want to Hold Off on 10.5.7; Breaks Euphonix EuCon Control Surface

The default setting is All Surfaces, which is used when you are the only person running EuControl in your home or studio. By choosing I Ejphonix, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Don’t hesitate they make the mackie UI which I sold to get this look like kid toys.

Set logic to not open up a song by default. Hi I have the same problem that nxfxcom but the mc color surface, when I run smoke for mac, in the MC color displays only appear horizontal bars, it seems nothing is predefined, please help me, about how to configure the MC color surface for Smoke.


I think this happens too often on Mac OS.

How do I connect directly to a Mac?

When you launch Smoke, the panels tell you that you are running Smoke and gives you the appropriate display on the panels. Fix for faders no always reaching -INF on rapid fadeouts.

You no longer need to configure DP to use Mackie Control. Mac OS X Tiger Logic crashes at the splash-screen exactly when it shows “Starting up EuCon Support”. The hot-key guide on the panel Please, somebody tell me what I can do in order to use this product with Logic, because now it is completely useless to me.


Avid | Artist Series Support

Thanks I have both You need to get a proper ethernet hub to get them all talking together properly. Let logic come up.

Quit logic then start EuControl, turn on your console and wait for it to boot, and then start logic.