Using the oscillo scope, check for the waveform for each phase output from the indicated connector. Therefore, the printer wastes certain amount of ink and drains it into waste ink pad, while counting the amount of the waste ink. Check it from the back side of the ASF Frame. Apply grease over the tips of the teeth. See Figure 8 for the printhead driver circuit block diagram.

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For a specific feature of the Stylus COLORit has a newly designed valveless capping mechanism instead of other printers’ capping mechanism that integrates an air valve.

Epson Stylus Color – printer – color – ink-jet Overview – CNET

If you find any incorrect portion, select the adjustment menu and try to adjust it. Remove the Printhead Unit. When assembling the Cap Assembly to the Ink System With the PG lever set front es is small and then rear, move the carriage right and left and make sure that the thickness gauge does not move for the both settings.

Fix the right and left Parallelism adjustment bushings with screws. Content of Operation Adjustment Procedure 1 Removal of the printhead 1.


Full text of “Epson Stylus Color Service Manual”

The suitable backlash value is as follows. If these differences are While trying to drive the CR motor, the waveform output from each phase should be as shown in the figure. Present counter value 4.

Cable Connection of Stylus Color 7. A a linear scale is used to monitor the motor’s operating condition. Page 66 Page 67 – Isolating the Faulty Part according to t Table Adjustment Tools Required No.

Letter A Size 8. Rise and fall time of every input signal. Action If you see the C Main from the heat sink side, the following two power transistors can be found: The common driver IC When the printer power is turned on, the PFmotor rotates counterclockwise to detect ASF home position. Loosen the printhead securing screw securing the printhead on the carriage.

If any ID is not written correctly, it results in white or color lines and also gives bad influence on dot weight. Never apply larger amount of lubricant than specified in this manual. The reference drive waveform is amplified by the transistors Q3 and Colir and then transferred to the nozzle selector IC on the head board.

Gap will be widen. Envelopes, transparencies, plain paper, iron-on transfers, business cards, photo stickers, glossy paper. For this reason, a loop scale is attached on the Gear 76 to mechanically detect a paper wpson amount.


Epson Stylus COLOR 760 Service Manual

Since it collides with the carriage. Make sure that the Torsion Spring 1. Raising the Printer Mechanism NO.

Refer to the Section 4. After downloading and installing Epson Stylus Color Esc P 2, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: Therefore, stulus order to adjust the printhead angle correctly, the exclusive lever for adjusting the printhead angle is installed on the side of the carriage unit.

Once the printer starts printing, it transports paper using the PF rollers and sub rollers, and as the printer transports or printing on the tailing 14 mm, it uses a star wheel gear and paper eject rollers. These interfaces are selected automatically.