With versions of Kodi from v CBers 26 Oct Images and video may be under a different copyright. What we need to do is to adjust the power settings. The Microsoft remote, or more accurately the eHome device driver, keeps the button configuration in the registry value ReportMappingTable in the key:. To give a specific example, suppose you want to configure the Play button to send the Media Center keyboard shortcut for “Play”, the 7 bytes would be:. Support for that is also on the EG forums but in a nutshell there are three separate places on your PC you might have to disable this.

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When the next release is available, I’d very much appreciate your feedback on whether or not your receiver works as expected.

List of MCE remote controls

I think I have a similar case with recejver following remote, but it’s not supported as of yet. With versions of Kodi from v If you are adding a review please try to be as detailed as possible about the remote. FAQE This remote control is currently not supported. This article applies to remote controls that use the Microsoft eHome device driver.

Support > Remote Buddy Forum > eHome transceiver and Remote Buddy // IOSPIRIT [EN]

It isn’t very recriver and certain buttons don’t work as they should: In other reveiver, it was not recognized as a Microsoft eHome device a patch from HP may be requiredbut as a FinTek eHome device after getting the hacked Fintek driver. The data has been reproduced here just in case Microsoft ever remove the link to the tranlate.


It also has the ability to learn functions from other remotes to replace any of its buttons, making it very versatile once customised to your home cinema setup. If byte 4 is set to 03 the eHome driver will generate a “Raw Input” message, see http: It has a dedicated website that has all the required setup files receivre, the. I find eventghost quite confusing, can see events being logged, but don’t really understand what adding the plugin does.

Although, this prevents the computer from reciver down, the key still doesn’t make it into Kodi. This is because they send a bunch of keypresses ctrl, shift, arrow, letter “B” etc.

Microsoft – Microsoft Logo at bottom of remote and on receiver.

If you want to add mappings for the four colored keys and the four keys below them here are the entries you need in keyboard. In order to make locating and fixing the cause of such issues as easy and efficient as possible, we’ve developed a free diagnostics tool: There is no manufacturer’s name on this recekver or the manual, and it is sold via numerous Asian resellers, but on the PCB of the receiver you can read the OEM name www.

The Emby forums are great but EG forums might be a little better in your case.

Also the speed of your computer has to deal with it as well. And heome add to that, mine is connected to an old powered genuine usb2 hub and just as jachin99 describes perfectly, its setup that when Reeciver goes to sleep or hibernate, the hub remains powered and is not being cut off from power. Posted 19 December – This generates a keypress with the ascii value 35 i. Plug into a USB2 port, otherwise, you will get ‘random’ data whenever a keys is pressed, or worse hangs, etc.


Luke 22 Oct You will receicer to change any and all setting in here that are related to the USB make sure anything that is trying to manage or turn off power or suspend power is turned off. To configure these buttons add the following to the.

The above example is from Windows 7. To get it to work on Windows ehomw need to configure it to simulate key-presses. Update 1st Nov If byte 4 is set to 04 then byte 5 contains modifiers like control, shift, alt, etc and byte 6 contains the key code. The buttons are dependable though, and if you are looking receivee a cheap remote that does the job this should be a candidate.

The 3rd place is in the device manager. Requires a minor kernel patch to support all buttons in Linux. The exceptions I know about are:.