If you want to save something onto your flash memory center, you can do so with a simple drag and drop. The free extension cable will be handy for some and the write-protection switch on the profile of the product is a nice addition that some others do not have Two problems were the lack of USB 2. When carry around, cable may wrap around the main device for smart storing. It goes over how to install the drivers if you are using Windows 98, and how to use the EasyDisk USB drive generally speaking. The drive is very small and compact. You simply plug in your pen drive and go. Thus people tend to spend their money on other products.

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This can be a bad thing because it picks up dust quite easily. Or for somebody who does a lot of work at home and brings it to work, or vice versa.

A nice addition to say the least.

EasyDisk 64mb vs Floppy. There are no drivers to install, no plugs, no extra hardware. Over 10 years Read Speed: However, it is specifically made to work with the 2. Computer accessories for example.


– Review 40 – EasyDisk MB USB Drive Review

Relative Humidity Under Operation. EasyDisk comes packaged a USB extension cable when you want to use the drive beside you. Pretty much this entire site is my way of passing along Compact Flash Memory Windoas computer revolution has slowed down in the recent months. Since pen drives are hot swappable and require no downloaded drivers, they save you an incredible amount of time.

However, more importantly is the speed of the drive. This one we are looking at today comes from a company called EasyDisk.

Easydidk you not be compatible with any flash centers on the market, you might even consider upgrading your OS. Okay, I used to get very confused about the difference between the Easy Disk, or the EZ hard drive, and the pen drive. Watch our Tech Videos. Head over to our Forums to discuss it.

HDPNC-HSU series (500GB)

If the LED is flashing, wait until it has gone back to a solid light, and then unplug the device. Kinda dull looking USB ext. Further more, cable can be wrapped around for storing, and because of it’s shock-resistant body, there is no doubt about it is going to play an active part in carrying your business data around. If you unplug the device at this time, you are likely to lose data. EasyDisk 32mb vs Floppy. The read speeds and write speeds were close to the specs. If you have any flames, props or suggestions about this article.


Visit the newly renovated www. On the flip side, the advantage of rubber is the grip it gives you to hold on to it at all circumstances.

EasyDisk mb vs LS Interesting… Conclusion The EasyDisk is a great little product. In my opinion, though there are many external hard drives out there, flash memory drives are the best. Need to have a cdrw on each machine to write data. The results speak for themselves. Two problems were the lack of USB 2. Here is the end result.