Dedicated buttons for forward and reverse mode allow for further creativity in your mix. This allows you to find the perfect next song to mix, as well as to discover new music based on your personal taste. See, you can have it all! Has built-in good quality ASIO soundcard with inputs for two record decks and dual outputs for connection to external mixer. Mixing songs has never been easier.

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Is this event a teaser?

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My aim with this series is to produce a coherent set of original recordings with vocalists and instrumentalists, designed specifically for the scratch musician. Being one of the new Numark products, it might be compatible with VDJ 4.

Every one of these projects gets a nod of approval from one or more of us on the DJWORX team, if not some form of investment. One is “Virtual Turntable” mode and the other is “Wave Viewer” mode.

They display white text with blue backlighting. However, there is no perfect solution for DJs to use digital audio like MP3s with the combination of turntables and mixer together.

Whether jamming with friends using desktop setups, or linking with other mobile apps, your tempo will be locked and flawless, even over Wi-Fi. In this section, you have the beat mix functions like beat matching function, Beat Sync function and Auto start function.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Controllers – D-vinyl

With the monthly djay Pro subscription, users have all the features they know and love from previous mobile and desktop versions, along with some cutting-edge new tools and a massive library of high quality samples, loops, effects, and visuals. I set it above my mixer and could therefore use short cables between the controller and my mixer. We would like to ask you to join us and go to the future together.


We’ll wait on your money so you don’t have to wait for dvinly gear! D-Vinyl record generates the speed dvinul the direction of the rotation. One of the most rewarding elements of turntablism is sample discovery, for this reason I made sure there was ample material for your digging pleasure. When Mixvibes released the original Remixliveit was designed to be a distraction from DJing and equally to supplement a conventional setup too.

Abiltiy to write your own mapper using SDK. So you can play the song, make and save cue points, and make and save Loops. You can choose the accurate BPM data among the 6 different candidate values through the powerful Beat Detection Algorithm.

If you take off the needle of the turntable from the record groove, the song would be stopped, but even though you move the position of the needle or cueing the needle to another position, the song would just go again from the stopped point. It displays the information of the MP3s in the selected playlist. In my years doing this DJ writing lark, one name that has remained consistently on the lips of the turntablist scene has been DJ Woody.


You can record your remix onto your HDD as a wave file during the play. One unified version No more djay for iPhone, iPad, djay Pro, or vjay.

Also, I think you could dvniyl with the jogwheels by pushing down on them. But adoption of djay in the DJ world above beginner level is slim. Vinyl control using its own timecoded vinyls. Video mixing features Including automatic crossfade and ability to change FX parameters Both only with my mapper. MP3 Mode allows you to play and control MP3 files right from the controller without having to use a mouse or keyboard up to 99 songs in each playlist.

It shows the total wave view of the current MP3 file. Otherwise your near field triangle would be… a straight line? A temporary dvimyl reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on zZounds.

It allows to quickly identify breaks within a song, as if it was real vinyl fresh off the press. As you see and feel, nowadays there is a big movement in the MI Musical Instrument market towards the digital audio from analog.

All of the engineering staffs at SoundGraph, Inc.