Another good thing btw is that windows shuts down properly now instead of just hanging at the shutting down screen. Seems there is no tickbox anymore but instead of type 46 hdd it now read the full harddisk name and it is fast when copying files over. No idea as to how good it is, as I’ve never used it before. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Your e-mail address is kept securely see our privacy policy. List of features The following information are displayed:

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When the application closes, the exit code is the lowest health value found or if an error occured udam hard disk not found at all.

So ideally you’d want to have at least MB or would be better for this nice driver. Win95 gave dps a hard time installing, but after 20 reboots and some lockups and fiddling with the driver i finally got it loaded some way that i wanted it to. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more Regarding your windows 95 driver issue I cannot help you.

I don’t know if this is true for their last IDE drives, sos this was at least the case for their IDE drives of the late 90’s and early 00’s.


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Index of /pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/dos/udma

For example, all disk information of dow disks connected to SiI controller are displayed under DOS – but under Windows, this controller may provide only limited information. I always go SCSI. Starting from version 0. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

The PIO4 is driving me crazy, since the ide channels slows down quite a bit. Internal version, never released 0. Download Hard Disk Sentinel. Hard Disk Sentinel Home. Be sure to enter number in right radix before click “OK”.

I already tried renaming in the beginning, but it still gave me an not working IDE controller. This vos hosts no abandonware.

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Another good thing btw is that windows shuts down properly now udm of just hanging at the shutting down screen. I can assume the DMA is working to some extend, it is better than it was. I have several PCI boards which could benfit from this driver and use the pci slot for something els instead, since the ALI only supports up to 3 dps slots.

Windows is really a whole lot faster in use now, no need to fiddle around with some isa scsi hdd controller now.


The “Binary ValueEditor” box will doos. I have no pci option, so i have to use this onboard ide controller. Board index All times are UTC. BanchoGoogle [Bot]hard1k and 16 guests. By using the DOS edition of Hard Disk Sentinel, it is possible to examine the temperature and health information and more of IDE and S-ATA hard disks connected to motherboard or external controller cards and modify acoustic level of such disks.

Also found a Ddos udma enabler for several chipsets might anyone be interested, maybe some of you guys using CF cards can really benefit from this. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I think I have or at least I used to have one of these controllers It dis drivers for DOS-win i presume and win95 and nt3.

If you can’t get drivers for NT then I guess it can’t be turned on. I did not see anything in the product brief to indicate UDMA support.

Or is such an adaption for DMA only a driver software requirement?