These cables vary a good bit. Apply power to the breadboard. If not, we move on to the next step where we strip the chip on the USB end. I didn’t have to install one, I think it comes bundled with the newer versions of PC Suite, atleast, while installing, one of the components was a Connectivity Cable Driver. So looks like I will do manual resets for now!

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I have attcah the resistors 1K, 10K and 15K as per your scheme. You may need a cable driver for your cable. Thanks for clearing this up for prplific

Probing There are most likely several different manufacturers of these cables because the same model will have a different number and color of wires depending on who you buy it from.

Recent versions of Linux have the driver pre-installed.

Try it on another computer and with another phone to make sure there pprolific a problem with either your phone or your cable. But since the others are kinda in between these two flavours, should work.


July 27,5: Victor March 14, at 8: ;rolific Thomson, Thanks for the reply.

Available for prolifc on the Nokia site. That is, if the top section was overlaid on the bottom all the vias would line up.

D since it uses an internal clock generator. Go ahead, experiment with your phone and PC Suite. First sorry for my bad english Request for Comments Odds are that prolifif all of you will get exactly the same cable that I did, so please share your unique experiences and insights in the comments section. The prolific ones do not work on my laptop Windows 7 bit.


Set your multimeter to measure prolifuc. Compliments from me aswell on a very good article. Old mobile phone cable to TTL serial cable 1. Attach the black cable to the wire which corresponds pin 8 GND.

My cable appears to have been constructed differently — see pics: If you try to exceed mA, bad things can happen. If it worked, then that’s it. HowTo Deploy a Servlet on Tomcat.


DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

Unfortunately the cable reports itself as a low power device. What a whining bunch they can be, huh? You’ll get a screen asking you to wait while the installation prepares itself.

RX, TX and 3. Jonathan, I ordered my Nokia cable from HongKong and followed your writeup.

HowTo Install Nokia PC Suite For A DKU-5 Cable –

Twist the RxD and TxD lines together. A resettable fuse is highly recommended. Getting the timing right can be tricky because the bootloader only listens for a brief period of time.

Some people end up with 3 wire cables while others get 4 or 5 wire ones. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Manawyrm Full Member Posts: