Easier than using Hyperterminal. The circuit uses an mcp op amp and bs p channel mosfets for clarification. But its a needless waste to have that second diode. Kit is Kit without the ZIF socket. The BIG advantage of Kit is that all the intelligence is in firmware on board the kit. ICD4 disables breakpoints 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond I have read on other forums and blogs that you can reprogram another pic chip with updated firmware but I would like to install the correct software first and ensure compatibility before I go down that road.

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Originally there were going to be software packages for all three but it became clear that the one software package covering all three kit would be best. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Fragmented hex files can choke any serial programming software not expecting it. Wp Well-Known Member Feb 13, dit If this fuse bit is programmed then the chip is not accessible at all using ISP.

Then change the 4. If I’d like to bring this programmer out of dust, I have three options:.


I am so angry and annoyed it is dy. The ebay sellers point to download software directly from kitsrus website, it is classic clicky-blinky kind of software A bit of googling shows the software leaves a lot of to be desired and is not very friendly with other than Windows OS and as its development ceased some 8 years ago, with every new version of Windows, probability of its proper working decreases.


Please note this programmer does NOT program non-Flash chips! Help identifying strange capacitor terminal style Started by Killians Yesterday at Just a few lines to the parallel port will do it – seedontronics. This program corrects the Hex file so MicroPro can take it. Support for 16F88 added in diypack22 on.

DIY K150 PicProgrammer problem!

Wewill sort out the problem in the next User Interface release. USB ‘B’ female connector.

I am wondering if the hex file listed in this article would work in my circuit? The hardware assignments are easier to deal with, and I’ve pulled in all the rom and ram allocations to the routines that use dy, rather than having them in “tables. One small problem we are fixing now is the transistors blowing particularly if ICSP wires are shortcircuited.

I have just had a look at some of the zip files for other versions of the software and they contain several more files. No program’s installed that could even open them ,let alone install anything.

Upgrading for new PIC chips is done by simply adding it to the ‘device. There are 4 nylon 10mm standoffs to protect the underside. It has been pointed out that in the circuit design of these kits when the kit is placed in a Reset state then the programming voltages all appear in the programming socket and on the ICSP pins. The disadvantage of using an intelligent programmer like Kit is k10 upgrading the programmer to program new chips requires reprogramming the firmware.


As others have suggested don’t buy cheap clones of programmers,then you eliminate frustration and disappointment ,when they don’t behave or function as expected.

Don’t know if its relevant, but often seen posts about programmer problems when using a 64 bit Windows. DOS based but will run under W9x. Thread starter Colin hoof Start date Feb 13, Tags k software issues. For the third file you have to right click on it and diyy “save link as” to get the option to save it.

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Make duy you understand ICSP before you buy it. The language only has four commands implemented, but I didn’t want to make it too complicated at first. The micro pro software Zip file I tried to download, from the kitsrus website only to find that the zip file archive is corrupt. User Control Panel Log out.

This also means that the program in EEPROM is alterable, so this is a starting point for a robot or other device that could “learn”. Released april 5, Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?