That is why quality of a front channel is traditionally lower than of a rear one. Nothing more is needed for multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining. However, for headphones on the Live! Obviously, if you’re watching a DVD then you’re not doing much else. Video 3Digests Video cards: The monitor will display big letters, and it will be easy to navigate.

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According to Creative, by the time of wide popularization of the USB 2. I had my doubts about such bandwidth moving through the USB port.

Before the show I hadn’t heard dick about the Extigy, so it was a very exciting presentation. Instead of a hardware synthesizer which is typical of Creative cards there is a program one. However, a record device is monophonic.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy Specs – CNET

That, too, was fine. The fact that it is an external device also renders your audio free from the PC’s internal electrical noise.

First of all, it was the Reference Sample. Despite the optimistic diagnostics and 10ms latency it’s impossible to work with audio on the Athlon processor at such latency because of lack of power.

Very good in detail Very good results! We were mostly interested in difference in sounding of the Audigy and Extigy.


Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

You can add reverb, echo, blasted even a strange effect that makes music sound like it’s whirling around the room. The LF filter cutoff frequency for the subwoofer can’t be adjusted in the Extigy, contrary to the Live! For our testing we used an average-level desktop system: Considering the variety of uses for the Extigy, the ease of use, and the many features, there’s not much going against it. The cards have different analog circuits of the front channels.

The difference is amazing: Of course, at a product demo everything is dialed in and tweaked so that nothing can go wrong.

I was able to play games while using the Extigy with no problems. You can put the Extigy on your desk blastr horizontally or vertically using two rubber feet. While the upgrade is installing, do not: My hopes were high after toying around with blaxter device for just a few minutes.

A notch above expectation. Firstly, it’s an innovative and unique product. In headphones the Audigy looks stronger as the Extigy doesn’t have a special mode for headphones in the current drivers, that is why the sound positioning is not clear.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy

This update will install ONLY if the following requirements are met: The recording works well, though there are still problems in the MIDI of unevenness of playback during recording. That is why a signal coming from computer sound devices can be considered high-quality in regard to Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment. Improved device recognition on system startup. Some once brilliant Live!


For the Extigy you can set manually a frequency of audio data transfer via a USB bus, as well as a primary sampling rate in which all other frequencies will be converted in a real time mode.

I also watched several movies in 5. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. If you soynd the IEEE and at the same time an external unit with the maximum number of different interfaces you’d better go with Audigy Platinum or Audigy Platinum eX.

Creative Remote Center controls the Extigy with a remote control. You should realize that the measured intermodulation distortions makes sense only at high frequencies that is why it brings the most troubles for those who record music from a radio tuner when broadcasting at 19 kHz gives a pilot signal of a high level.