Hp has some good guides. I was almost giving up my Presario M after several occasions I tried to open it up to clean the Fan and heat sink from dust. Also, if the battery charging circuit is the problem, is that something I could have a crack at or would that be too challenging? Would this be the backlight going out, as opposed to the inverter. About 6 months ago I disassembled my Compaq Pressario M to fit new speakers. I think your technician is right.

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The line between the dark and normal part is very distinct.

Many thanks, with slight modifications worked also on my compaq RUS. Windows will start to install, but shows no partitioned drive…. In my laptop as i copmaq it on every thing works execpt their is no light on displaysometimes it comes at laptop work properlybut now only their is no light in display so please suggest which part i should replace to repair my laptop.

Hewlett-Packard Australia Presario M2000

If the problem appears ONLY on the laptop screen and external image shows up correctly, this could be one of the following: In a Presario M compxq the power connector power jack is located on a separate power connector board. This guide explains how to take apart the display panel.


Then came the problems: I used ur ccompaq for repairing a cpu overheating problem of my compaq M US model. The screen went black again three times, especially when I put a load on the laptop — playing an MP3 and looking at an image file.

The screen has about a 2 inch vertical band on the left that is darker than the rest of the screen. I have a presario M and I used this guide to check the cpu and it worked like a charm.

How to take apart Compaq Presario M2000 notebook

What is the power source that feeds the inverter? When I press on bottom of the screen, I get good picture no flickering. I just tried the second new inverter and the same exact results as with the previous new inverter and new LCD screen.

I followed the directions to take off the bottom cover, but part compaqq it is stuck. The Compaq Presario M is big and square Our only beef is that you must wrestle the clunky retractable cimpaq cable out of the back of the stand to connect it to the left side of the notebook.

Try replacing the adapter. Moon, I was asking about the battery board Step Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

HP Compaq Presario M

Of course It out puts perfect to an external moniter. Finding the right laptop has never been easier. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site.


Also works fine when connected to external monitor. The two screws to be removed that hold the key bezel in m200 battery compartment are in a similar arrangement on a V as the M but closer to the rear of the laptop, about in ccompaq middle of the battery compartment.

HP Compaq Presario M Laptop/Notebook PQAV | eBay

We wouldn’t elect the HP Compaq Presario M the laptop we’d most enjoy cramming into a carry-on comppaq, but this economical desktop replacement is lighter than it looks, and it performs solidly. Bad connection between the drive and motherboard. So this means that the inverter is bad or something else that feeds the inverter.

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Would this be the backlight going out, as opposed to the inverter? Thanks for your help. I would definitely try replacing just the inverter board first. Just changed my inverter because of darkish circular shadow near bottom.

A small area near the battery will not release.