You can also specify an absolute path. You specify a path to the database within this database connection URL. This is a separate password from the usual database connection username and password, which must also be supplied to access the database. If a database is encrypted, none of its contents are viewable as plaintext. This simplifies application deployment, because it reduces the potential for problems with a user’s class path. Derby includes a Network Server, but you can also run Derby in a server framework of your choice. Applications use JDBC to interact with a database.

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Cloudconnector passes the following standard database connection URL to Cloudscape:. Derby isn’t unique as a mature open-source SQL project.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers | Documentation

Listing 2 shows the schema for the tables. The initial steps of a JDBC program include loading the appropriate driver and connecting to the database. If a clohdscape is encrypted, none of its contents are viewable as plaintext.

A Java stored procedure that looks up the name of a city given a ZIP code might look like this again, code for handling errors and exceptions is omitted for brevity:.

It is also possible to shut down a single database instead of the entire Cloudscape system. In most cases, you access databases from the file system as described above. Even a database directly under such a directory would require a forward slash, to show that it is relative to that directory.


Recovery ensures that all committed transactions at the time the system failed clouxscape applied to the database, and all transactions that were active are rolled back. Cloudscape recommends that you work with jdvc properties wherever possible. Thus the databases are left in a consistent, valid state. On some platforms, Cloudscape can successfully prevent a second instance of Cloudscape from booting the database, and thus prevents corruption.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers

For more information about properties, see Tuning Kdbc. Subsubprotocolwhich is not typically specified, determines how Cloudscape looks for a database: There is no drop database command.

Since the entire database is encrypted, the structure of the database schema is also hidden. Use wait and notify calls instead. If you want to work with the database manager’s source code, browse to the Apache Software Foundation Derby incubator web site http: Although XML documents, HTML pages, and scripts often exist jdnc content stored in a file container, there are alternatives to the “document in a file” paradigm.

This simplifies application deployment, because it reduces the potential for problems with a user’s class path. For example, an int parameter would be declared as int[] and a String parameter would be declared as String[] so a value could be returned in it.

You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures. No data exists in clear-text form in the database files. Driver You can download the driver from the official web site.


Copy the database folder and the cloudscape. Each Derby instance can manage multiple databases, the databases can live on various media, and there’s nothing to stop the application from connecting to other DBMS systems. Users can be restricted to read-only access or restricted from any access on a per-system or per-database level. The database engine is embeddable.

Many web page layout tools operate with HTML pages in files. This unique combination of technical capabilities allows application developers to build data-driven applications that are pervasive run anywheredeployable downloadablemanageable, extensible, and connectable.

When Cloudscape boots a database, it prints a message in the information log: Read-only database directories can be archived and compressed, if desired into jar or zip files.

IBM also donated Cloudscape to the Apache Software Foundation to launch the Derby project, thereby ensuring that the source code and binaries are freely available. It is possible to access databases from a jar file.

Cloudscape Embedded Basics This section explains how to use and configure Cloudscape in an embedded environment.