Page 77 Do one of the following: Phone is sold locked to Cingular. Page 22 Indicators Following are some of the status icons that you may see on your device. Not the right device for speed demons and those who want to play videos encoded at high bitrates or larger than QVGA resolution or run game emulators. Take a look at our review of the i-mate K-JAM an import version of the Wizard released last Fall and you’ll notice the difference. That’s the common range of speeds for Windows Mobile 5. Workbooks that are password-protected or workbooks in which one or more worksheets are password-protected cannot be opened.

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Should you need to turn on caps lock, press the shift key twice in quick succession.

Cingular Review

You can get as moddem as hours running on WiFi, to around 5 hours of surfing and communication via EDGE, to as much as 12 hours of talk time when used as a phone. Phone Makes and receives calls, switches between calls and sets up conference calling. Playback Screen Menu Playback screen menu When you are viewing the Playback screen, the following commands appear on Menu. Turn on and off flight mode In many countries you are required by law to turn off your phone on- board an aircraft.

Cingular Pocket PC Phone Review

Portrait mode allows you to get a better view or a better operation of certain programs on your device, while Landscape mode may be optimal for viewing longer text files. Important Health and Safety Information Retain and follow all product safety and operating instructions.


Icon ActiveSync Calculator addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Most of this review also applies to the Cingularwhich is a version of the Wizard without an embedded camera. Using the standard on-screen Keyboard The on-screen Keyboard is available when text entry is possible.

For example, you can search in e-mail messages, notes, appointments, contacts, and tasks, as well as in online Help. It is louder than the Apache models and clearer.

The page sends the file, and it is stored on your mobile device. To sort pictures and video clips If you store a large number of mpdem or video clips on your device, you may find it helpful to sort them to quickly find a specific picture or clip.

Tap the name of the IMAP4 account. You can protect your phone from unauthorized use by assigning a type of password called a PIN personal identification number.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Note Location 1 is generally reserved for your voice mail, and Speed Dial modrm designate the next available location by default. Phone Services Phone services Phone Services, such as Call Waiting, enable you to choose how to handle all incoming calls on your device. You can even use the device camera to capture photos and video clips while composing a ueb MMS message, and send them along with your message.

Page 79 Tap OK. I got very similar SPB Benchmark test results from the two devices.

Make sure you don’t have more than 5 running programs or the phone will slow down get a task manager to make exiting apps easier.

Connect your device to 825 PC and synchronize data. Ueb coverage is your overriding concern, it would be nearly impossible to go wrong here.


Buttons and various other functions cover almost every side of the device. As you do this, the screen automatically rotates to landscape mode, giving you something half-way between a micro-laptop design and a Blackberry.

To turn on Fn lock, press the red dot key located in the lower left hand corner twice quickly. Program Indicators Following are some of the icons for the programs that are already installed on your device. The Transcriber Toolbar Undo the last action.

Cingular 8125

You can select to synchronize additional folders by designating them for synchronization. The comes with a USB sync cable no cradle,odem charger, leather horizontal case with belt clip, software CD containing ActiveSync 4.

Not a one-handed device unless you want to do some hacking to change button assignments, a la Smartskey. The right side houses the power button and two of the four remappable application buttons: Copy files to your device Use the latest version of the desktop Player Windows Media 10 or later to synchronize digital media files to your device instead of dragging a file from a folder on your PC to a folder on your device, for example. Page To create a new dial-up connection After a new modem has been set up on your PC, you must create a new dial-up connection to connect your PC to the Internet using your device.

The bottom front panel only contains four buttons: