They are very surprised it’s not. It’s faster when going from no signal to a strong signal area. Syncing is great and it is a flip phone so I can toss it in my pocket without calling some random number. Its a good phone not a great phone.. Very compact phone, people ask me if it’s a razr. Again, have an unlimited data plan! The pros are excellent battery backup, good signal reception, nice mp3 capabilities.

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Speaker phone works well.

I’ve had cell phones since Lot to Learn Yahoo! To hprs the themes issue, I edited the xml files. Like the Cingular and Cingularvoice quality is excellent. A short splitter cable is included so you can listen to music or chat on the phone via the headset while charging the device.

While not perfect, the is quite good in the RF department, maintaining a workable signal even in what could be quite generously called marginal areas.

The external screen will also alert you to all the other usual information such as missed calls, new voicemail, etcetera. From any lesser range, it performed great, with no noticeable effects that I could detect given the quality of the headphones.

Cingular Smartphone Review

Visit our network of sites: You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions. I also missed the protection of a flip phone. But for the most part text is quite legible and web browsing is, if not exactly comfortable, at least very much possible, particularly with the help of the various versions of Opera.


Communication My main point of comparison for the in the signal strength category is the Motorola v, another GSM phone known for its outstanding reception. Overall I would say is average If you clean any part of the large hinge, and it stays wet, it can affect your phone display. Proprietary connector – can’t use std headphones.

No on-phone help – my old Nokia had menu help 10 years ago. ActiveSync gets your phone syncing to Outlook and allows you to add and remove programs, explore the phone and copy files to and from internal and card memory. This score is based on our evaluation of 38 sources including reviews from users and the web’s most trusted critics.

Lovely main display and good use of the external display. This model is discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase new.

And for those whose work requires you go camera-less, Cingular also offers the with no camera. Internet is excrutiatingly slow. The phone can be used as a wireless modem for a notebook over Bluetooth and the USB cable.


Cingular Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Battery life doesn’t take much of a hit when using Bluetooth. Even power users and those who check email frequently will likely get at least two days on a charge and average use will get you 3 or 4 days on a charge. I sync my phone with all of these. My biggest beef with the cingulae were the large icons and space taken by “advertizements” like MSN or Cingular.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

An external, MiniSD expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. You’ll have to make do with the included stereo earbud headset with in-line mic and volume controller. I use Outlook for contacts, calendar, email, and notes. Just find the “Accessories” folder and you’ll find “Internet Sharing”. See the latest cell gprw or compare used prices. The outer display does a lot of work.