With its thickened center rib it remains drivable in virtually any soil condition. Special Requests Request info Custom products Get a quote. The top of the anchor should be driven at least 1″ below ground level. The recessed area on each side provides extra protection for decals making the post visible from any direction. Noise reduction, optional security features, wide variety of RAL colors available, spans up to 18 feet, Graffiti resistant, Low maintenance, will not rust, rot or corrode, lightweight and easily installed with minimal equipment and crew. We appreciate your feedback!

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The decal vinyl substrate is specifically designed for use in outdoor applications. A special Utility Marker introductory kit is available.

Carsonite Markers: Carsonite Posts & Signs

Rectifier Monitors Test Station Monitors. It catsonite highly resistant to vandals because it’s virtually impossible to remove without proper equipment. The Utility Marker is installed easily in less than 60 seconds and is lightweight to allow for ease of transportation in the field.

The bracket assembly allows for quick and easy attachment to the pedestal without drilling, thus eliminating potential damage to pedestal contents. Two ribs on the side protect decals from vehicle impacts while the back rib adds strength for driving in hard soil conditions. Updates at Farwest Corrosion Farwest will be closed Decemberas well as December 31, carzonite January 1, for the Holidays.


The combination of a colored post and a warning decal make the message extremely markeg in areas of overgrown vegetation or if buried in the snow. Because of its design, installation is easy. The sign support system is capable of withstanding several low speed vehicle impacts. Ideal for marking underground utilities and right of ways.

Carsonite | Precision Pipeline Equipment, Inc.

Carsonite’s VaporGuard protects pipelines from the hazardous effect of moisture and gas build up and fits both the Flat Top and LineMarker.

The Panel Marker is reinforced with a 1″ angled aluminum frame for added integrity. After printing, decals are laminated with a UV Shield for even greater protection. This all purpose, low cost marker will help reduce maintenance and replacement costs associated with pedestals and enclosures.

The marker also aids in locating pedestals in areas of deep snow or overgrown vegetation. Carsonite decals are expertly applied at no extra charge to save you time and money.

Farwest will be caraonite Decemberas well as December 31, and January 1, for the Holidays. Fully impregnated color and resistance to rust, rot, and corrosion are just a few benefits this product offers over wood or metal.

Vandal resistant hardware is included with the system.

Carsonite Professional Tools

The top of the anchor should be driven at least 1″ below ground level. Home Products Marine C. Mark underground facilities and right-of-way locations with Carsonite’s LineMarker. Optional identification decals can also be added to put the public in contact with your company before costly service interruptions occur.


The composite Sign Support is designed as a mounting post for Carsonite composite signs. The sign and post are pre-drilled at the factory for easy assembly and installation.

A highly visible marker, the Carsonite Visi-Post is designed for applications where o visibility is required. Carsonite uses UV-resistant inks on both the direct graphics and decals.

We appreciate your feedback! Available with or without a Carsonite LineMarker Post Carsonite test stations provide test points for monitoring electric currents and potentials. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Special Requests Request info Custom products Get a quote. This non-flexible marker can also serve as a mounting post for Aerial Markers or Composite Signs.

CRM — High Performance Utility Marker Impact resistant, three rail marker The Utility Marker, with its three-rail design, was the first fiberglass composite utility marker in the industry and remains the most widely used fiberglass marker on the carsointe.