By Saul Flores , June 13, 2: Hi Thomson, Thanks for the reply.. By Dan , April 9, 5: They might help someone else out. What a whining bunch they can be, huh? So looks like I will do manual resets for now!

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Plug the cable in.

USB to Serial Adapter – Professional

By liuluqqzjDecember 30, 4: I wasted lot of time to find the appropriate working driver. Easy setup and online support usb serial adapter drivers for all ftdi chip usb serial adapter cables including windows 7 serial usb driver and windows 8 32 and 64bit. Victor March 14, at 8: Victor March 14, at 7: One of the common reasons that software may not work as expected with a.

The 1k resistor on the Rx pin is for limiting the current through the input protection diode if the Tx line exceeds 5V. Plug in the USB connector. In reality, seriao I look at the bottom of the board it does not appear as such.

DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

By continuing to use zerial, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the cookies policy. I suggest you to go to the manufacturers website of your prolific rsusb driver and check for any updated drivers available there.


Update Several good, inexpensive, purpose-built USB to serial modules are now available on eBay for around five to six dollars. By maisamApril 10, 5: Set your multimeter to measure voltage. Hi, I bought a CA cable from eBay and it has the same connector with 6 pins. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The link from the above post for the drivers is here: It worked, but without auto-reset it is a little hard to press reset perfectly. I was however unable to get it to recognise the cable and looking on EDA Board appears a special […].

Installing a USB Serial Adapter on Mac OS X – Plugable

By LuckyMay 29, 5: I think the manufactures buy these cable based on how cheap they are with little concern for how many wires they have.

Please post back with your results. Studying a picture on your computer beats the hell out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 14 reviews. By RobertoApril 13, By AnonymousDecember 4, 5: Recent versions of Linux have the driver pre-installed.


I will request you to please fast scan the following thread and help us the David forum community. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Because of this you will in many cases be unable to make a low-cost USB serial adapter work with Windows 10 or even earlier versions of Windows and you can expect some of the following typical errors: If this USB Serial adapter is not compatible with your device you can return it within 30 days for a refund.

Useful optional accessories not included. By ioFebruary 24, I think you can be fairly confident the pad labeled 2 is indeed DTR.