Thought that I would like to share my first oversea purchase from the nation of the rising sun, Nihon or Japan! Hi there everybody, I’m new but I’ve used Dolphin for many years to play the Metroid Prime series fabulous games btw. Hey Andrew – have you tried not skipping? Who should read this guide? You do not need to keep it pressed.

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BlueSoleil – Support

From what i read, it is the best. After downloading the latest version of Wiinremote you will be able to configure your Wiimote to act as a wireless controller, not just for gaming but general use in Windows — this might blhesoleil useful when giving PowerPoint presentations, for instance.

November 22, Using third party wiimote might not work in high chance. Is this usb adapter not compatible, the software too old or is it possible qiimote the Wiimote signal doesn’t work? I’m trying to connect my wii remote to my MacBook Pro by using bluetooth but it doesn’t work.

My 1 and 2 buttons sadly don’t work but it looks like when I use a hybrid remote to try to get around the problem, I can’t use the IR sensing on the bluesoeil anymore.

Turned out I just needed the latest version of bluesoleil! Post you full problem and other software operating to the Smoothboard thread Boonjin the programmer may be able to help or identify if it is a bug.


A couple of things you sh Does your Wiimote have batteries? So why do you want to change to Bluesoleil? I have everything working splendidly now, but only with one of the Wiimotes I mentioned.

Connect your WiiMote to Windows using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack

Why not just use Widdcom it works fine with Wiimote Benpaddlejones. Right click on it and tick the first box ‘Allow other devices to see this computer’. I am not a writer of this post, but yeah, haha I’m righting this down. How do I get it to connect to the emulator smoothly?

Thank you for all of your help, benpaddlejones, This was wiimofe useful okright ” A painting is a mute poem, a poem, is a blind painting ” Print Pages: I had experienced the same problem with one of my dongle out of the box while the other s imilar one work just fine.

S So basically thanks to your responses I got it to work and everything goes twenty times better with this new SmoothBoard Application, but there’s always a but for no obvious reason blueesoleil I get an unexpected error that shuts down the application.

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I ran into a problem actually! It’s just that I’m decently manage with Bluesoleil, but I just don’t undersand Widdcom, and I managed to get it to detect the Bljesoleil, and connect the HID but the WiimoteWhiteboard application still wouldn’t work. To find out whether or not your Bluetooth is capable of communication with your Wiimote you will need to attempt to establish a basic connection. But the light remain blinking. It was not pairing a wiimote, but in the other problem I had with wiumote subjects, it worked well.


It came with blueoleil wii in so I’m pretty sure it is. Are you sure it’s not the Wiimote that’s not working? One icon — a mouse — will be highlighted at the top of the window.

Trying to Connect Wiimote to current Dolphin using Bluesoleil, freezes

Personal Note Step 5 didn’t work vluesoleil me. ExtremeDude2 Gotta post fast. Today my purchase of original Wiimote Motion Blackoriginal Nunchunk Black and wireless sensor bar had arrived at my doorstep. My apoligies if this topic is already posted, but I’ve been looking a while now and can’t find any solution, so I hope someone could help me out.

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