Their website says they serve Texas. How do I do that? Worst place to work. Same with most electronic products of all kinds. How can I apply for the free cell phone?

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Desired is how many handsets are actually if not shownare smartphones in the mix, then a min.

Please reply to my request. I have a life wireless goverment with blue jay wireless, I still have minutes but cannot make calls. Blue Jay is one of our favorite Lifeline Assistance companies and we know that they monitor our site and often respond to our readers questions and concerns.

This is a wirelesa website, so you should never leave personal info like that on any website because it can be used by criminals to steal your identity.

Blue Jay Wireless Employee Reviews

I enjoy helping blueay with anything I can from the use of my phone for a ride to trouble shooting on their phone and do a short tutorial. We have a wirekess dedicated to each free government cell phone company. Blue Jay wireless does not offer service for Pennsylvania. We just checked their website and it shows that they do. I just received my phone plan from Blue jay and just wanted to know if are any other cell phone available or what other cell phones are compatible.


Blue Jay Wireless Free Lifeline Cell Phones

Why does Blue Jay Wireless ask for credit card information just to sign up for lifeline services? Gran oportunidad de desarrollar un buen servicio al cliente.

How do you know if you getting a phone or not if you already applied for one. Questions about Blue Jay Wireless What benefits does the company provide?

Working at BLUEJAY WIRELESS: Employee Reviews |

I want to turn on my blue jay phone. Our store manager blueay I was hired the same time so we learned the ropes together and relayed new information when arises. Soy mayor de edad y no veo muy bien. We had trouble with the T mobile coverage being spotty or non existent in areas T Mobile said coverage would work.

Can you please let me know the status?

If our Spanish is incorrect, blame Google Translate. Limited work, good company to work for.

Last Friday I tried to use my bluejay phone, I got the message emergency call only, I tried to call you but your offices were closed. Unfortunately, we cannot send it, Sandra. I am in Honolulu, Hawaii.


I had the freedom to go where I wanted. If you live in one of those states, Blue Jay may be the Lifeline Assistance company for you. It was not a team, it was a family. I called your company to cancel woreless, which they did supposedly because my contacts stopped receiving silly calls.

And also look beat up. Bye bye, Blue Jay: I need to get messages from hluejay phone that was deactivated.


They stick you on hold and then never pick up!! Blue Jay had a huge campaign up here in Waianae. Can you assist me with this? This is an independent website with zero affiliation with Blue Jay or any other Lifeline company.