Returns the current value of a register or bitfield index. We kept the connector the same, so you can use old cables. The default timeout is 1 second. This parameter sets the number of cameras from which the board grabs images simultaneously see corresponding section below. Note that this parameter allows also the reading of NULL characters. Enables or disables the software trigger mode shot grabbing. For example, if you want to grab two images of size x simultaneously, your camera file must be set up to transfer an image of size x to memory, where the image of the first camera is contained in the first lines of the large image and the image of the second camera is contained in the second lines of the large image.

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We have taken our robust Neon platform and replaced the camera link front end with a bit differential interface. SysReg attaches a number to each camera starting with 0. If not, it will abort acquisition. Valid Email Required Item to Inspect: Successfully installed BitFlow driver BitFlow. For customers interested in developing their own applications the SDK provides header files, libraries, and huge amounts of example code.

Dynamically change the current image height of the grabbed image. Dynamically changing the frame size of the grabbed image. It also installs some of our high level applications which can be used on their own right to capture and analyze images.


The board will work in any slot that it fits in. Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a shot in the dark. Using this port switching you can access multiple cameras with one frame grabber board see below. Type ‘Gen2’ or ‘RoadRunner’ and number ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’ According to market research, there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by The latter case also allows the writing of NULL characters.

Only one image acquisition instance per frame grabber board however, multiple compatible cameras can be accessed using port switching bittflow simultaneous grabbing. For more information see the Drivers Only link.

If you do not have this driver version, please contact BitFlow or the vendor from which you bought the frame grabber board. However, many applications do not require cutting edge technology or require “tried and true” standards. You will need specific camera configuration files to do this, which have to be installed in your system with the BitFlow configuration program SysReg please contact BitFlow for details.

By specifying a value greater than 8 the grabbed images are delivered as uint2 images. This eoadrunner is used to specify the camera configuration file e. Supports high-level buffer management.

Definitions required for the API. The main user will be able to process any good buffers still in the system before an error is returned. Thus, the N buffers will fill up and finally you will encounter a buffer that was not read so far, but should be overwritten by the next frame. Only evaluated in case the CameraType parameter has been set to roavrunner.


Link libraries for the Microsoft compilers. Context Optional context data of the specific callback.

BitFlow RUN-PCI – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

One of our friendly Customer Service representatives will be contacting you shortly with information on when the equipment you requested will be available for viewing. Provides access to the BitFlow hardware.

Synchronous and asynchronous grabbing. Further the build date of the interface will be listed.

BitFlow celebrates 20th anniversary of Roadrunner frame grabber

The bitfield names and the purpose are described in the hardware reference manual for the frame grabber being used. Designing inspection systems in a virtual world. Note that the software trigger mode can only be used with a one shot camera file. Note that a pending asynchronous job is aborted when changing the port.