To navigate the Phoenix BIOS, the user uses the up and down arrow keys to navigate the current screen. This section enables a user to configure how the computer and its peripherals should load during the boot process. The next section, or Power menu, enables a user to enable and disable the power management options on the computer. Fri Oct 25, Usually the toolkit renames the BIOS file to bios. Sat Nov 09, 3:

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Now you will see a picture like this example here: Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Wed Oct 09, 8: Thu Oct 24, Tip how to get it: The next section, or Power menu, enables a user to enable and disable the power management options on the computer.

H81M-A Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA

SoniX Show info Posts:. Topic settings Print view. If you are using puoenix toolkit the first time, you should only update 1 single module that one, which is the most important for you.


The new UBU v1. This is because the company name is not mentioned anywhere in the manual, or on the motherboard.

The version of the Phoenix BIOS on your computer may be bis, and therefore it could look different than shown in these pictures. Update procedure, right Pic: This toolkit option should only be used by persons, who know, that it will work for their special mainboard.

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This is very good news for all visitors of this Forum, because they may get answers to their questions by the developer himself. Additional preparations phoenox certain UBU processing tasks: This is what I got: Thu Oct 10, Sun Oct 13, Where can I find a motherboard manual?

Thu Dec 20, We’ll show you some illustrated graphics of the Phoenix BIOS, and brief explanations of the options and how you might use them. There are three sub-menus that enable a user to select from a listing of available hard drives or other removable devices.

Fri Oct 25, Still, the end the edge is not visible. As can be seen, this menu is broken down into an additional six more sub-menus that enable the user to change settings hios each of the different categories. The security section enables the user to set BIOS passwords on the computer.


Since the original MMTool v5. Do you feel that your site slowlyness is killing sales or traffic? After having completed all desired resp.

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As seen below, users can define the boot sequence of the bootable devices. After having done that, the tool may offer the option to rename the BIOS file. There may phoebix false. If you should run into problems, I recommend to post them into this thread.

I have already customized the start post of this thread.