Read more about us. Microphonics are very low. It is not overly complicated but it is well put together and professionally finished with a nice pictorial fold out and a very colorful inlay. The cable is terminated with a black barreled gold-plated straight 2. The jack is right-angled with more than adequate transparent rubber strain relief. Brainwavz has supplied two cables with this particular B and both are terminated with MMCX connectors. Beyond that, the differences are quite slim:

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So why not take the jump?

The nozzle is aydio slightly forward though with the extended drop down design of the rear of the housing but otherwise, the tips you use will play a large role in the comfort and seal you get with the B For those who may be unfamiliar with Brainwavz, they made their name in the value vertical of headphones and IEMs over previous years with consumer level IEMs but also with a splattering of well-received higher end headphones such as the HM5.

A nice touch is the included memory-foam earplugs.

Brainwavz Audio B Earphones Review – /10 | Audio Hub

The Brainwavz B headphones are an absolute joy! One of the things we value highly on this site is thought given to additional accessories and packaging, which really aids the overall listening experience.

The original concept was metal injection molded shells much like you see with RHA and Campfire Audio aurio for some reason, the 3D printer process became more viable. Consider this the ultimate explainer.


In the name of science, for you only, I painstakingly listened to the U. We should have been paying closer attention They were comfortable enough to wear for a good few hours, without any real problems. They are just about as simple as audio equipment gets. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than when a product not only justifies the hype, but altogether blows me away in terms of audio performance. View the discussion thread. The ear hooks stayed precisely where we wanted them to, meaning that we never had to worry about these buds being dislodged while we were using them.

Brainwavz Audio B400 Review

I doubt you will carry everything around that comes with v400 B so it will easily hold the two cables, some tips, the clips and cable tie with room to spare.

The additional bonus of this process is the price point which became substantially lowered as a result of the switching in production techniques.

Are they better than the Bs? Both have 3D printing housing, and removable cables.

Brainwavz Audio B400 quad armature

The accessories included are true to Brainwavz form which means plenty. The other elephant in the room is the connectivity. In this review, we break down the designcomfort and fit aueio, soundpackaging and accessoriesspecs and more of the Bs, as well as how they compare to other models.

Value For Money 9. That being said, it is very comfortable. Microphonics are very low. The B is their current flagship multi-driver IEM with the previous B being pushed down to the second spot. Remember the very first iPod from seventeen years ago? This pair of in-ears is getting a little old now, but they are still absolutely worth your time — especially at the slightly lower price they are currently available for.


You have to bear in mind the b4000 sent to us is a review unit and I believe is not the final 3D printed version, rather an early demo unit. Brainwavz really have put some thought into their packaging, and the Bs are no exception.

The brilliance of these headphones can also be heard on modern songs. The B b4400 with slightly more accessories, a wider frequency range, and slightly higher sensitivity — not to mention much better sound, which we will explore in more detail below. The candy cane edition is a bit more fun looking but also a bit thicker than the frosty unbalanced cable but to the balanced wiring. The Y-split is bulky and durable looking though the adjustable chin strap is a cheapish clear plastic tube.

It also has a set of low-profile memory hooks on the other end that I find very flexible and hold whatever shape you want very easily.