Teenager reported missing may have traveled to Fall River. Don’t have an account? A GoFundMe page has been set up for the victim. A Boston man accused of driving drunk and killing a passenger in a taxi told police he was bar hopping on St. Zuzick ended up never returning to King Philip, working instead with tutors to earn her diploma and not walking with her class on graduation night.

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Claims are still pending against five other young defendants: Everyone wants to put their own spin on everything. You may change your mind.

North Attleboro woman sentenced to jail for fatal car accident | Local News |

Close 1 of 3. And some King Philip Regional High School students regularly used the camp as a place to hang aattleboro and drink in the months leading up kiled the death of year-old Taylor Meyer, according to depositions taken in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Meyer’s family.

Others “shotgunned” beers, which involves punching a hole in the bottom of a can, popping the top and gulping down the beer as quickly as possible. The felonies carry a mandatory minimum term of one year in jail and maximum of two and a half years.

Attleboro man accused of striking 12 year-old girl with SUV; his third OUI | WJAR

The party was centered largely in the Dusseault kitchen, with some students drinking beer, while the girls finished the liquor they had brought. But Tuukka Rask has a pretty sweet mask ready to go if giirl gets the call. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Investigators said Spinale, 41, was drunk and speeding at about 1 a.


I am a personal friend of the Carson Family and hy anyone who thinks Emily’s sentencing was too mild, I urge you to drive down Route 1 a four lane highway at night and see if you would see anyone crossing in dark clothes. A witness told police he saw the suspect going vy than miles an hour on I When they arrived there after the football game, the teens continued drinking beer as they sat around a bonfire.

The family has reached a settlement with two defendants – Paige and Brian Zuzick.

The teens had little or no problem obtaining alcohol, the testimony showed, whether it was with fake IDs or having friends or relatives buy booze for them. Senate leader worries about casino staffing for sports bets.

Attleboro man accused of striking 12 year-old girl with SUV; his third OUI

Pawtucket police hope new leads in cold cases are in the cards. It’s your arrogance in your judgment that will come back and get you. I am drunnk sure how you think placing judgement on this case will come back and get me??

She didn’t see them until it was too late. After attending the school’s football game – to which the teens arrived around halftime – about two dozen KP students headed to the abandoned airport to continue the party. Zuzick, in turn, testified that she was harassed when she returned to school a few weeks after Meyer’s death.

Suspect in fatal DUI crash tells police he had ‘five or six beers’ before driving

No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. Again, this is not arrogant in any stretch of the imagination. Don’t have an account? While there was conflicting testimony between Paige Zuzick and Rachel Stark about whether drinking at the Stark home had been planned before that night, both said a group of eight girls had formed at the house before the football game, and began drinking in the basement around 5: She does 3 months but they sentence kids for nonsense where no one was hurt for a year or more.


Kumar described his friend as a kind and smart man who was dedicated to his wife and daughter. As far as attleboor am I to judge – well I am a citizen of this state and a member of the local community who wants to be able to walk across the street safely without the threat of being killed by someone with drugs in the car and alcohol in their system.

Yes, I consider your comments to be personal and mean-spirited in nature.

Saturday when he rear-ended a taxi on Interstate in Attleboro. Does this ny start to the season mean anything for the rest of winter ahead? A shifty lawyer, claiming to know that the driver was definitely negligent, etc December 28, December 29, 1: The drunk driving laws in this state are deplorable!