Show reason for reset. Connect to LinksToCommunities page. So if things get broken, that’s the first place to look if you think alignment might be crucial! Card detect support and other features [David Brownell] CF: Added SPI device configuration. If you want to use one of these you have to set the relevant modalias for this driver and of course activate it in your configuration. Switched to a new branch ‘linux

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Clear all pending interrupts before registering the interrupt handler.

View What links here. Clear IRQ status before enabling interrupts. Add support for the DM ethernet.

AT91SAM – Microprocessors – Microcontrollers and Processors

Move clock disabling late in the init process to give boards time to claim the clock. Disable all unused clocks at startup. Getting Kernel sources To get the source code, you have to clone the repository: If so, don’t re-enable it. Connect to LinksToCommunities page.


Using SPI with Linux |

If you want to use one of these you have to set the relevant modalias for this driver and of course activate it in your configuration. Converted to new-style UART initialization. Of course this structure can be adapted according to your needs. All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors. On Wed, 01 Apr Handle active-high LEDs correctly.

The invalid byte-order workaround is only applicable to the AT91RM Support for NAND devices on a bit bus. Define platform device for Touchscreen controller.

Added SPI device configuration. Updated handling of wakeup event.

Using SPI with Linux

How to manually select PDA in U-boot. Russell is in charge to ensure the ARM core support in the Kernel mainline.

Added MACB ethernet support. New style UART initialization. Use the Wakeup Feature of the Shutdown Controller.

StampA5D36’s little brother is coming. Added PIO clocks, which are enabled at startup.


AT91SAM9 SPI slave mode sample code?

Due to a bug, the compare-after-write check would never fail. If you don’t want to care about this new file, lihux is an Linux kernel option to append the Device Tree Binary at the end of the kernel image. It is necessary to activate the driver. Use of the High resolution timers option by default Kernel configuration: Discussions, bug reports and patches must be posted there.

Needed for realtime preempt patch Timer: I wasn’t really sure what you i expected as normal behaviour ii how xpi was actually behaving not stopping on the offending line I presume? Force 3rd LED off.