Absolutely the best laptop I’ve ever owned, and you can put it together yourself, avoid the MS tax! No errors, just no working wireless card. Hope my experiences could help somebody! Back in the Network Settings screen, select your wireless device as the default gateway device. Just one problem internet speed is UBER slow. Rebooted, installed everything and still no luck. I have this card

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Asus Driver: Zu

Always check this step, else you would be wasting your time and energy. Model is also known as A, A Your card is now working. Using Wireless Console 2 I have up to date drivers and ndiswrapper.

That’s why I couldn’t remove em. Instant wireless, no need to sudo modprobe ndiswrapper on reboot. Reading is an important step of learning here. Now, to my problem. Power4 Gear Setup Touch Properties Page I doubt its upgradable, you will probrably need to replace the motherboard Anyways, for you with acer laptops who can’t enable the wlan card. I dont know if that’s a auss sign.


Follow the advice given here under How to add extra repositories 3. Special Keyboard Functions I am going to reboot and let you know what happens Ctop. Usb Hub optional Now you should have the access to internet and be able to install packages from synaptics. Pc Card pcmcia Socket Driver bcmwl5a is not installed. Sound card works out of box video works out of box x screen was set to x out of the box, but after installing and configuring “resolution” the proper resolution is set you may need to run “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” the howto is on this forum Hibernate works out of the box Suspend to ram works after installing “gnome-power-manager” The keyboard is totally recognized.

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Your user is not allowed to recreate the files. Now as per your question.

I wlxn an ASUS A6U seriesI have no errors during the install process as described in the first post here, but it just don’t work. I am still playing with Ubuntu, but I had a very strange happening with a broadcom chipset on SuSE a couple of weeks ago I have a linksys card with with a bcmwl5 chipset in one of my other computers.


I have a fresh install and I followed the steps in this howto 2. I have been trying to get my wireless working on my HP DV with on board Broadcom wireless for about a week now.

First, there’s no such dlan as a good motherboard based on a SiS chipset Allright, pretty big Linux-newbie speaking: Battery Power System Oh and I’m sry, did’t see this was under hedgehog.

A gui util please. I’m having problems as you can guess with my Dell TrueMobile on my Inspiron If not these few issues, it would be a brilliant machine, very fast and responsive.

Read and follow the installation instructions as described here in short: