I suggest readers to check other Asus laptop reviews to get a better glimpse at Asus US customer support. It takes about another 35 seconds to load and finish most background and startup software. I spent nearly two months trying to find a perfect laptop for myself. The texture is smooth and comfortable. It works like any other touchpad mouse button so this is fine in my opinion. The cooling system must be very efficient.

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Other than that, it has everything I need. It is also ridiculously expensive. The Asus F3Ja comes with a two year international warranty. Files copy and program installation is normal and occurs at decent speeds. The lid opens smoothly without any problem.

It only makes limited sound that comes when initially reading a CD. I suggest readers to check other Asus laptop reviews to get a better glimpse at Asus US customer support. There are 8 Power4 Gear modes, below are the predicted battery times in each mode: PCMark05 provides an overall system performance evaluation that includes the graphics card and processor.


However, you do see a contrast difference when viewing it from a high and low angle. One major upside of the mouse is that it comes with side to side scrolling ability. The cooling system must be very efficient.

Asus F3Ja Review (pics, specs)

It has everything I want. I haggled a little on price. This is a good decision by Asus. It works like any other laptop wireless connection. I play Battlefield 2 on this laptop with good response time. If asua feel the screen with your fingertips, you will notice this hard and protective layer.

I myself am buying an Ogio Fugitive bag as a school bag. Intel Core Duo Processor T 1. The driver is already pre-loaded in Windows; you just need to run the installation. The ports are mostly located on the right side.

I wanted to find a system that is around 15 inches and capable for gaming. It offers a great machine for business and gaming and it is also a portable machine. The overall sound quality is average.

Asus also has a hotkey built for this software. The build and design of this laptop is very nicely done.


The camera is 1. I need a computer that is portable enough for me to take around campus and powerful enough for me to play games such as Battlefield 2 — or assus other high end graphic games. We will talk about that later.

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The mouse is very good for travel. You open the lid by pressing a black small button at the front of the laptop. This is a perfect laptop for any college student or business person. However, it does not provide enough capacity for long-distance travel or even to server as a school bag. There are six hotkey buttons on the top right corner of the keyboard.