The speakers are good enough to enjoy some music or a movie, but they are too small to produce any bass or midrange. Exquisitely Designed for Stylish Computing On-the-go The Eee PC utilizes Infusion Technology, which is a cutting edge manufacturing process that produces uniquely-designed laptop surfaces. Like the Eee PC , the new machines feature Techradar Asus netbook comes with 9. The keyboard is more comfortable to type on over the old style and the improved spacing helps to reduce typing errors.

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It was a revision of the series with a different chassis. Ede all the items we have seen above, I cannot see any competitor against HE. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get past its portly visage, though, and aaus plenty to like. Archived from the original on 9 April CNet Asus deserves credit for practically inventing the Netbook market with its original 7-inch Eee PC, and its 9- and inch follow-ups.

DDR2 onboard [ citation needed ].

On some early models this connector lacks the screws to secure it to the Eee PC, which some consider a safety precaution. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Like other Eee PC 90x models, 10000he features Such a cut could help the HE stay where it at least arguably belongs: Archived from the original on 19 March If you’re after a netbook with the best possible battery life, the Eee PC HE definitely has you covered and should be seriously considered.


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ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Review

The touchpad buttons were large enough for easy triggering by the side of thumb and worked great if you hit them dead center or on the very edge. Asus Eee PC series models ha, hab, ha, and others use Varta ML or equivalent MaxellSanyo and Panasonic ML lithium ion coin cell rechargeable batteries, terminated with a two-pin Molex connector plug.

Preis 90 Single Review, online available, Long, Date: With a 10in display, larger keyboard and larger battery than many earlier models, the new system should prove more attractive for those seeking a lightweight PC that can be used for longer periods while on the move. A great all-rounder, the only real downside is the bulky 100h0e.

This problem can be partially mitigated by intelligent wear levelingresulting in a MTBF similar to conventional platter-based hard drives. The HA-B has a removable 3-cell battery with ee rated 4-hour life per charge, a 1. In Japan, the version is known as the 4G-X. The Asus Eee PC HE stands out from the mini laptop crowd thanks to an impressive battery life and a decent keyboard for typing.

Users have tried to install various other operating systems on Eee PCs. We loved the first Eee when it tipped up a few eons ago, mainly because there was nothing else out there like it. A downside of SSD storage flash memory is that an individual sector can be written only abouttimes.

As this requires only soldering on a new device without removing an old one, the risk of doing so may be acceptable to some users.


We’re in love, as should you be. This weight is typical for big tablets, small subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal. In JanuaryAsus officially ended production of their Eee PC series, citing declining sales due to consumers favoring tablets and Ultrabooks over netbooks.

Asus Eee PC HE – External Reviews

Inlaid within the chassis itself, the motifs are coated in a scratch-resistant and hard-coated surface that forms an integral part of the entire laptop—ensuring that they aus not fade with time.

The netbook is a bit bulky compared to other 8. While many netbooks get the short end of the stick for some components such as processing power, they easily make up for it in screen quality. Part of the above problem extends from the fact that the entire range was substantially more successful than Asus had originally anticipated.

In an EE talk, [32] [33] an Asus engineer mentioned that the Eee PC uses the keyboard shielding as a heat sink to absorb the heat generated by the processor. The and later laptops had the kernel pre-configured to support up to 4 GB of memory address space.