Everything works great — no problems. Update the MB Bios to latest version. If you have access to another system it looks like there is a way to force the drive to with software. I have had some difficulties with mine, because the SATA connectors are so fucked-up. Your install instructions work fine for a single drive. My configuration is 1 sata harddrive not raid , and trying to install Windows XP.

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Thank you for your excellent information.

If I select IDE on the Promise controller I get a nasty message about incorrect hardware settings and the system locks up. I booted from xata XP CD. Fri Nov 05, 7: Thank you for posting this information. Now the scary part: I had a asus p4p and it worked fine.

You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member. Dan Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: This is driving me daft and fast approaching a drop test of the computer from a great height! Did some more looking and came up with the idea of trying it with the jumper set on the 2nd from ass right.


My USB mouse was acting really weird, so I went back to a standard one until I got Windows and updates installed on my old drive.

ASUS A8V Deluxe and SATA Hard Drive

I really appreciate everyone’s help on this! If you copy the wrong drive, you will lose your information!! I get the F6 prompt, push F6, nothing happens What do you mean?

Once you have done this, can you get bios to recognise your drive? You may need to slip stream sqta drivers into the xp disk possibly. I’d swap it out in someone elses computer, but I don’t know of anyone else here in Riyadh that has one. SATA hard drive not recognized Jul 2, I order to help you, you have to provide a little more information.

I think you would be a very valuable addition to http: Xo my computer is starting up sometimes when the sata screen is testing my computer it sees the drive but never when i go into the bios settings do i see the hard drive please help.

Skoop Moderator et Subscriptor Registered: Not being a techy this is what is confusing me. I only have the Asus drivers I have download from their website as my original motherboard blew up and this Asus A8V Deluxe was installed as a replacement.


sata problem, asus A8V deluxe. seriously need a pc techy

It will transfer the necessary files to your floppy disk. Joined Apr 24, Eata 3, Take it out of the PC and lay it on a non-conductive surface, keeping the power and data cables connected.

For a SPAN array: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ok, the fact that you get the tab prompt for Via Raid indicates that you have the controller enabled. If it fails try the promise controller.

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This will allow you to use your RAID. Let Windows run through all of its setup routines and updates. I think you have a bum drive.

Have you turned on the SATA ontroller in bios?

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