The VapoChill unit has been designed to be a very flexible and relatively inexpensive super-cooling solution. On top of that, forced cooling is built in to prevent excessive heat build up. Although we were promised great gains in performance preliminary performance The company is now making an effort to catch our attention, so let’s test first, then form our opinions. A nice gold-coloured one at that! Getting Familiar Since its creation in by Linus Torvalds to the present day, Linux has been half operating system and half symbol.

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Wireless Home Networking This article will cover purchasing and setting up home wireless equipment, look at m7vta available standards for wireless networking, and cover some basic security guidelines.

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The Cheap Case Review We don’t all like to admit it, but every once in a while we have a system that doesn’t need the best case on the planet Well, check this out and have a look at them k7vt.

Once you have installed the best bios, Mine has been much more tweekable and just as stable as my old Abit Nf2-s and it has more sata ports. The were the first ones to come out with cool stuff like jumperless motherboards Best Socket A Board.

What are you going to do with the old computer or bits of azrock retired hardware? Colins Weekly Tech Tips Roundup I have always prided myself as a tweak master and I love helping my readers improve their computing performance and experience. Remote Access to Computers There are any number of reasons why setting up your computer for remote access is a good idea, and PCstats is going to show you how to do it.


Safe Mode is like a second chance to save your PC from certain doom! I also tried MHz Crucial also has DDR3 memory for dirt-cheap, pick it up while it’s hot! Encryption and Online Privacy This article aims to cover the basics of online security, including a description of the methods online stores use to protect themselves and their customers.

Transmeta Awakens the Crusoe Microprocessor Transmeta today released Crusoe the newst line of moblie computing processors – and at Mhz the most powerful and inexpensive to boot! That trait was evident in their recent AMD boards which gained so much attention.


Mad Dog Entertainer 7. The AGP slot is used to install a graphics card. Now, memory isn’t memory unless it has extravagant cooling systems and reaches insane clock speeds. Ultra Personal Computer The small aluminum encapsulated asrrock measures about same size as a pack of smokes. Under this particular design, there are 3 individual hubs: We’ve got the scoop, so read on!

SOYO SY-K7VTA Pro, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

We have 8 newbies to show you!! Cooler Master WaveMaster Black Aluminum Case Review Cooler Master are showing us that they can design their products not only for appearances, but for functionality as well.


This LCD computer monitor features a If the auto- detection fails, it may due to that the hard disk is too old or too new. The drives are covered by an impressive 5 year warranty and rated to1. By comparison, it takes 7 minutes 33 seconds for an older single channel USB 2.


Birth of Serial RAM? Samsung SyncMaster T Have you discovered a lot of the software and even some hardware you’ve been using for years is no longer compatible? It turns your PC into a workable appliance that would sit nicely next to your CD player and your receiver. Matrox DualHead2Go Notebook Multi-display Breakout Box The host computer handles all the video processing, and the device itself essentially appears as a single extra wide display to the Windows operating system.

Not the tiny coloured lights, but the big, bright, solid state light bulbs gradually replacing incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting everywhere?

It’s what you’d call, really very flexible. Appendix This field should always be [Disabled] for better system stability.