That is ultimately what you are paying for at the end of the day. I’d feel a lot safer administering servers via BMC if I knew that the BMC’s software was open and easily updated with security patches. I would perhaps also recommend in the future that the management NIC is a different color as to differentiate it from the other network interfaces. Posted Apr 13, 6: The first is driver stability. Whether that’s done in by an RT kernel or multi-user, pre-emptive multitasking kernel is something I wanted to leave open for someone else to say what and why they chose that option.

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Posted Apr 15, I’d feel a lot safer administering servers via BMC if I knew that the BMC’s software was open and easily updated with security patches. That is ultimately what you are paying for at the end of the day. On the whole, we expect consumer products to perform slightly better in our benchmarks than the server parts for two main reasons. He also said that Facebook has started work on a BMC development board that will hopefully serve as a low-cost entry point for interested developers.

While I had no use for additional connectors beyond USB ports, these sorts of products have to be able to use SAS and RAID in storage, enough network management and be validated for multiple usage scenarios. The Yocto build includes three layers.

That’s a stretch, expecially when I intended to convey other meanings, including things like under-committing resources to ensure spare overhead.


The BMC is connected to most of the standard sst2300 on the motherboard, so it can monitor temperature and fan sensors, storage devices and expansion cards, and even access the network through its own virtual network interface that includes a separate MAC address.


Most server vendors, Fang said at the start of his talk, provide their own BMCs. Please sign up today! We have rewritten the ASpeed SoC kernel pretty much from scratch and cleaned up a bunch of the drivers, made it device-tree based etc On our open-air test bed that has minimal airflow, the heatsink did not get that warm to touch, suggesting an efficient system in place.

I am sure there aspred situations that may warrant several single slot PCIe devices. These x16 slots are both SLI and Crossfire capable.

Usually we think this is a net positive but I’m not always so sure, I’ve seen plenty attempts at HA actually cause more outages than they ever prevented, asped one of the goals of IPMI is to increase qspeed uptime by allowing you to reboot servers quickly when the OS fails.

In order to be more adaptable and flexible to more users, GIGABYTE should have gone aseped the route of splitting the PCIe x16 slots into two lots of x8, using switches such that when the first of the pair is occupied only then it gets the full x16 speed. OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers. The next step is open software to interface with OpenBMC to do things like rack-level power management. During my stint as a researcher at university, the systems under our desks that we used for simulation and writing up reports were all oriented to stability and performance.

Then you could run your distribution of preference on your BMC too. Posted Apr 13, 4: The primary benefit from subscribing to LWN is helping to keep us publishing, but, beyond that, subscribers get immediate access to all site content and access to a number of extra site features. Any new server board will include Aspeer NICs and these seem to be rock solid in my testing. This suggests that my motherboard at least had problems supplying power to the PCIe slots when two power hungry devices are present.


OpenBMC, a distribution for baseboard management controllers

Notice there is only one 8-pin 12V connector for the CPU giving additional power, rather than two aspefd sometimes see on X79 platforms. Posted Apr 26, 8: You barely contributed to the discussion.

Fang cited two issues as the focus of current OpenBMC development. Fang then outlined the process of porting OpenBMC to a new board. This is followed by two USB 3.

As we have noted in our consumer product line memory scaling articles such as this one on Ivy Bridgemoving beyond MHz helps get out of a potential performance black hole.

But what of those times when you’ve gotta dust up and nuke from orbit.?

Libpal is a network-packet assembly library; Facebook uses it to generate a small set of IPMI messages to provide compatibility with other monitoring tools. Another difference to the consumer platform is fewer fan headers. I have a server km ast23000 whose BMC is hung and cannot be restarted even with a hard reboot command from ipmitool.