A thorough understanding of the interaction between wind loads and material properties is important in the design process. Identify minimum construction detailing requirements. Participants will conclude that research results obtained from this study can be used to support different design methodologies in estimating forces around openings accurately. Evaluate a prescriptive and engineered design methodology for perforated wood shear walls. Understand changes incorporated in the PWF standard. The TWB developed its own test scenario s to substantiate any code change proposals testing was carried out at ATF labs ; and worked to develop a comprehensive set of technically-substantiated code changes for consideration during the Group A code development process. Be familiar with the ever-growing family of traditional and engineered wood products EWP’s and their unique characteristics, including:

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Many courses do, however, require a basic understanding of engineering principles.

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Identify engineering requirements and solutions in the WFCM. State the fire resistance requirements for mass timber building elements.

It is recognized that there are significant differences in the roles of various organizations in preventing fire. Modern timber bridges combine the use of solid wood, plywood, laminated timbers like glued-laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber LVLparallel strand lumber PSL and cross-laminated timber CLT. Unique characteristics for each product are highlighted and extensive examples of the use of these products in a wide range of building applications are presented.

Participants will work through roof, wall, and floor system designs including adc walls and appropriate connections between roof, floor, wall, and foundations to maintain load path.

Be able to understand overlooked wood connection engineering issues. Provisions in the SDPWS contain the equal deflection requirement for distribution of shear to shear walls in a line which can be met either by calculation of shear wall deflections or use of reduced design unit shear strength.


Fixed bug where the speaker mute was being toggled apxq addition to the microphone mute for the Voyager -USB and the. Identify a range of mass timber products available to North American building designers. Increased availability of cross-laminated timber CLT in North America, combined with successful use in projects worldwide, has generated interest in its properties and performance within the U.

Heightened awareness of the environmental benefits of wood combined with advances in wood technology and manufacturing have aligned to make tall wood buildings not only possible but safe and cost effective. Part 4 will focus on the first-story design and include summation of loads from above and connections specific to foundations.

What are the latest trends in the world of code development related to wood? This webinar will present state-of-the-art assessment methods for existing wood and timber structures. Learn to use prescriptive tables to size wood members and connections to resist high wind, seismic, and snow loads.

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This course serves to familiarize readers with provisions of the IBC relevant to wood construction. Wood-frame shear wall and diaphragm code issues are discussed including deflection equations, detailing requirements, and limitations on the use of wood in seismic design. Learn when a special inspection may be required on a structure. For all the fans of Foot Goal, discover the animated version of the second volume of the brand new series ‘Foot Goal’.

This article discusses significant additions and revisions to the SDPWS and how to apply design provisions for shear walls and diaphragms.



Be able to analyze apaaq components of the deflection equations to determine their magnitude of impact on total deflection. Apply model codes and standards that pertain to safety precautions during construction and pre-incident planning. Be familiar with reference design values from the NDS Supplement. Describe deck construction including wood members and fasteners.

This webinar will address methods used to establish recommended allowable design properties for structural wood members in existing buildings. Awx special seismic detailing requirements for wood structures.

This course highlights remarkable buildings where the use of wood as a structural or finish material has made a unique contribution, with a focus on indoor air quality, acoustics, physical health, and a natural, positive human response to wood that has always been intuitive, but is increasingly being proven by research and experience. ASX is 50 to fit your lifestyle exactly.

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Other topics that include demolition, alterations, renovations, repair and zwc, as well as newly-completed buildings will be discussed. Discuss opportunities for achieving unlimited area for wood-frame commercial buildings under the International Building Code and implications of multi-tenant occupancies. The primary focus of this program is on large buildings during construction.

Background and the resulting test protocol for CLT will be presented. Builders and building officials will also benefit from the information provided.