Makita Circular Saw Blade Review. For most DIYers who aren’t driving screws 8 hours a day this is probably acceptable, or at least worth a shot. My lips are sealed, but the memory is sweet! As the user screws in the screw, it works as any bit would. Please enter your comment!

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Sounds like a great deal. Drywall screwgun or “dimpler” bit?? It works well, but I wonder how long it will last till the spring breaks.

Best Buy Vermont American 16627 Dimpler Drywall Driver Shop

Flat list Threaded list. If you hear that little click, the screw isn’t deep enough. It has the same function as the dimpler, works just as well maybe betterand as I recall, it rrywall about a buck.

In the future I will also need to drive drywall screws for some small drywall projects. Well to tell the truth I have the vermont american dimpler, I used it for about 45 minutes years ago and didn’t like it, threw it in the drill bit box.

No cordless drill, a corded drill would work fine. Drywall, what else is there to say. A different type is simply a bit with the collar around it so that the bit will cam out when it makes contact with the DW.


Vermont American Dimpler Screw Setter 16627

Member Visits theslateman – 49 min ago. The tool gene drives my memory! Overall the American Vermont Dimpler is a great bit to have around. I’m like you, non professional.

Vermont American Dimpler Drywall Driver – | eBay

Of course, there are even stronger drives: Last I looked, you could buy a cordless drill for less than the cost of a real Stanley Yankee. As some posters said decking screws are available in phillips, torx, and squaredrive.

DanH – 7 hours ago. It worked OK for about an hour then it quit working. As soon as the user goes deep enough with the screw, the round head on the bit makes contact with the drywall and activates the clutch preventing the screw from going any deeper and prevents any tears into the drywall.

I’ll walk out back and check it after I post this, dimplsr apologize if I’m wrong on the model As you can see from my earlier post, my Yankee actually played a part in hanging GWB back in the day. As I stood before the gates I realized that I never want to be as certain about anything as were the people who built this place. Neither would be very appropriate for decking.


Vermonh is the antithesis of problem solving.

Maybe one of these days There are some key concepts to drywall wall, but the one we are going to cover is attaching drywall to a surface such as studs or other objects. Whatever you use, before you mix any mud, go over everything with a 4-inch knife. One is as you describe, a bit holder with a collar around it that activates a clutch.

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My first thought is cordless drill. Makita Circular Saw Blade Review. It works fine for drywall, although it’s a bit heavy. If you have not tried driving screws with an impact, you should much easier on the wrist.