Verilog source code is not published, as the IP core is licensed against fees. Want to add to the discussion? Maybe better to check with them first though. Its old, but it’s still a very useful guide. Assuming your kernel supports it, it’s a super easy way to get something working. FPGA submitted 1 year ago by hardolaf.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement lcie Privacy Policy. I don’t need, or care, to test those tasks other than to confirm that DMAs work appropriately at this time. I should have been more specific. Thanks for that link though. Plus after a bit of thought, I think I was on the wrong track. Log in pcoe sign up in seconds.

All this holds for a 1x connection as offered by Spartan-6T.

PCI Express Reference Designs and Application Notes

Copy that and make any necessary mods. Written By eli on February 28th, I mostly focus on FPGA system level design and high llinux data paths and controls. I’m honestly pretty new to Linux drivers.

Depending on what already exists. Want to add to the discussion? Moreover, are you the one who coded the driver on Linux?


Maybe better to check with them first though. Maybe with configurable word widths?

There are likely some nice examples of pcie drivers in the “driver” directory. Is there an easy way to define a virtual address space for the device atera access such that on the Linux side I don’t have to care where in memory it is stored? Or an embedded processor running a decent operating system, for that matter.


As for the throughput: Pretty much everything I’ve done before has been bare-metal or a RTOS when it comes to applications like this. I was assuming you wanted to know how to talk to the PCIe peripheral on your processor. This comment section is closed.

The driver needs to be able to set aside a portion of memory for DMA accesses by the FPGA, and to perform single word bit read and write operations. I’m inundated with information and not many good explanations at a high level overview level, sadly. So basically, I just ran a program that reads or writes to a file descriptor as fast as possible typically a few GBsand divided the pcue of data with the time elapsed.

So because of memory fragmentation, there may not be MB of contiguous memory on your system. Thank you for your answer, I see that your project has gone well.


PCI Express Reference Designs and Application Notes

You could always take what you learn and write a nice blog post in your spare time, doing it all again or something. Written By harini on February 28th, I haven’t actually done it, but someone was explaining it all to me a while ago.

If it helps, I’m pretty sure any mod to the linux kernel tree has to be released as open pie. I do this part all of the time. What packet size and transfer size did you use for throughput pxie Xillybus usage example click to enlarge.

As for the Linux side, there is no work at all.

I’ve been reading about them and they might be the easiest way for me to get this up and running.