You can assign other protocols to unused channels the if data rate and clock specification exactly match the PCIe configuration. Specifies the scale used for the Slot power limit. Optional hard reset controller for Gen2. If you select At Endpoint address , you can type the starting write address in Endpoint memory the Endpoint address field. The Application Layer asserts this signal to treat a posted request as an Unsupported Request. Contact your Altera sales representative for detailed information about channel and PLL usage.

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Scan the Endpoint Configuration Space Registers.

PCI Express High Performance Reference Design

The reference design includes a Windows-based software application that sets up the DMA transfers. Available in Root Port mode. The counter value includes latency for the initial descriptor read. Number of tags supported.

AN PCI Express High Performance Reference Design for Intel Cyclone 10 GX

The amount of logic required depends on the configuration. Equalization, Phase 0 Port VC5 arbitration table Reserved. Sma field indicates permitted values for MSI signals.


Completion timeout error without recovery. What bandwidth does your application require? Class Code, Revision ID. This register is only valid in the Type 0 Endpoint Configuration Space.

Select this option when most of the PCIe requests are generated by the other end of the PCIe link and the local application layer logic never or only infrequently generates single read requests. This signal indicates the number of lanes that configured during link training. The LMI access to other registers is intended for debugging, not normal operation. The position of the slider control changes the command. PCIe spec corresponding section name.

The working directory shown is correct. The first tag is reused for the fifth read. The parameter maximum payload size sets the read-only value of the Maximum Payload Size Supported field of the Device Capabilities register bits 2: In pipe simulation mode this signal is always asserted. Select this option where most of the PCIe requests are generated by the other end of the PCIe link and the local application layer logic only infrequently generates a small burst of read requests.


Specifies the function associated with a Power Management Event. A non-aligned read request may experience a further throughput reduction. This parameter requires you to enable the AER capability.

Data link layer active reporting. A final constraint on the throughput is the number of outstanding read requests supported. Writes transfers data from the FPGA to system memory.

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For Gen1 and Gen2 only. Click Next in the New Project Wizard: If you specify that a memory is prefetchable, it must have the following 2 attributes:. Enable Hard IP Reconfiguration.

Port VC0 arbitration table Reserved. Implement completion timeout disable. Each descriptor consists of four dwords.