Back us with money using Gee Are’s PayPal. To be able to stream other file types you can use MacX Video Converter to convert them to supported ones. To start streaming just drag the link to a video or audio file onto AirVLC! As reported previously for AirParrot 1. As expected, the quality of streaming media varied with the type of media file being processed. Even so, its worth considering that AirParrot 2 might not be a viable solution for getting games on a big screen if you play them on a budget Windows 10 tablet.

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If not, then don’t forget to install it before getting started.

As reported previously for AirParrot 1. And it works for me, if I combine this two fixes! Find more about me. My work experience as a blogger and analysist Internet Intelligence, SEO and social media is the basis of the services of pabst. Can I extend my desktop on Windows 10? With the help of this software solution one can stream and mirror to Apple TV, Chromecast and more.

All audio is muted on PC when mirroring or streaming : Squirrels Support

If you are working on an older Mac, you can download the app’s legacy release that supports Snow Leopard. I simply installed it and the audio streamed to my TV.


By Michael SimpsonColumnist. Up to now, I did not face any sound problems to fix. You select a receiver by clicking on its name in the list and unlike AirPlay, AirParrot 2 will let you stream to more than one device at a time.

However there are moments when you may start looking for an AirParrot alternative when you can’t get everything you need from it on your Windows or macOS. Full HD p videos would barely play at all.

Squirrels Support

AirParrot works on Windows and Mac computers. This could be useful when you want to demonstrate something on several screens simultaneously, such as in a classroom.

Have a look at the 7 apps that can make a perfect alternative to AirParrot. Olga Weis 21 Dec at AirParrot 2 does not enable desktop extension for Windows at this time, but there is a trick for Windows 10 users that will allow this.

Moreover, screen mirroring is only possible through a limited number of receivers. September 23, at Blogging is my Passion! Boot your Windows 8 PCwait until all start-up programs have been loaded, then go to the desktop and wait for another time every start-up program is loaded.

If you are requested to send logs from our Support team or you are having an issue with AirParrot 2 that needs analyzed, please follow the instructions Ausio be able to stream other file types you can use MacX Video Converter to convert them to supported ones. Half a year ago I reported about performance problems of AirParrot 1.


Audlo your search term here AirServer can record Windows and Mac screens along with the sound.

It connects for 10 seconds and then drops out. This means eenable is a solution for Windows 7, 8 and 8. Like AirPlay and Chromecast, AirParrot 2 will automatically detect compatible receivers on the same LAN as the computer that will be the source of the stream.

Unfortunately according to the official page of AirVLC this app has been discontinued by developers.

Apps like AirParrot that can Stream Video and Audio

Audio was streamed from the laptop and tablet without a problem. This is probably due to the difference in processor quality between the two devices. We will expect to see the s Start a YouTube video like this: Learn how your comment data is processed.