Added firmware for the Toshiba SD-M I have removed the drive from the list of drives to boycott. Just a little update to the DVD page with new firmware informations for some Panasonic and Toshiba drives. Please let me know if they works correctly. Don’t forget you also need remote selector 1. RPC-2 with firmware B

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The firmware is actually untested. This year is a transition period.

They must be applied on the original firmware. Dvdrim fact, it’s a backup of the page who was made just before the page down.

Afreey DD-4008E Free Driver Download

They also work with the Compaq GD and make the drive region free. Philips make available new firmware for all their CD-R line. It’s not a problem rd-4008e the 6X drive since you have to flash the drive only once, but for the 10X drive users to prevent Flash failures, use only the eraser when absolutly need!!!


Fekete remove temporaly the Vd-4008e 2. If you’ve got version 0. The trick is to put a jumper on the middle set of pins to the left of the digital audio out on the far left of the back of the drive. Please look carefully the readme. Adding support for Compaq GD drives. Let you change your drive region. Reduce failure rate when burning. Added some new DVD drives infos. Use this list only as a dd-44008e tool. Fekete Istvan is working on a version compatible with the 1.

Your drive will be restored. RPC-2 More infos here.

What’s new

Good luck for the patchers. This page will have big changes tomorrow. Probably a little bug fixes.

A version for the SCSI model should appear soon. Once flashed, the drive will be detected as a Matshita SR The counter hit Original, non-patched versions of firmwares are also included with all the patches.

CD Speed homepage new

This firmware is Ddd-4008e Big update to the CD-R page lots of new firmware. Drive manufactured after february have the new 2. And in blue are drives that are known to be region-coded single region.


They say the Eraser contained Pioneer copyrighted code, but it’s not true. The yesterday patched firmware for the Samsung SD is confirmed to dvdtom It’s why the utility refused to flash the drive hoppefully.

A new version of the Hitachi region code resetter by Whacker is out!

All these nice stuffs are available at Fekete’s page.