Of course, you don’t have to manually change the resolution if you’re happy with the perfectly sensible settings ScanWise uses for the mundane tasks for which it is intended. Using it ScanWise is your standard fully automatic scanner software for beginners. With the wonderful functionality on this flatbed scanner, you can complete your document scanning needs without worry. The e40’s 42 bit internal resolution, though, is sent straight to ScanWise, which seems to treat it in very much the same way that an ogre with a runny nose is likely to treat a fine lace wedding dress. It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, etc. You generally have to do the scan, save the file, then load or import it into the other application to work on it, fax it, print it, or whatever.

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It’s been some time since there was a big difference between the abilities of different OCR packages, for most users; Readiris is a perfectly good example of the breed. Which you have to do, because the sliders all go back to zero every time you quit ScanWise, because it doesn’t remember its settings. snappscan

And in the imaging world, Agfa’s a big brand. Do a scan of the empty bed and stretch out the tiny intensity differences snapscann a command like Photoshop’s “Equalize”, and you ought to see a load of vertical lines, which show you which cells in the scanner’s head return values a little higher than they should be, and which cells return values a little lower.


Drivers for AGFA SnapScan e40 Scanner for Windows 7

Street prices are lower. The e40 takes about 27 seconds to do a 75dpi preview scan – you can set it to use a lower or higher preview resolution if you like. Give Dan some money! SnapScan e40 kindly provided by Agfa Australia.

I’m not sure why this is. The e40’s driver has a “PhotoGenie” check-box that’s meant to automatically make anything other than line art look better. Quality The e40 does a perfectly good job on text documents, but the nastiest scanner in the world can do that.

This simplifies the setup process, gives a decent data transfer rate, and delivers the user from the sluggishness and unreliability of the old-fashioned parallel port interface. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner But Agfa’s PR blurb for the thing says “Every last detail is perfectly reproduced, even in difficult highlight and shadow areas”.

It’s got easy copy, e-mail and fax modes, which scan a document using settings appropriate for the document and its destination, then send it on through for you, so your printer spits out a copy or your e-mail or fax software pops up with the scan ready to be addressed and sent. But this isn’t a cheap scanner. The Windows version of this driver was developed by Hamrick Software.

AGFA SnapScan e40 Owner’s Manual: Chapter 2: Installing The Scanner For Pc

ScanWise doesn’t think you need this feature. This download link is for the driver version 1. They can deliver 48 bit data to the few programs, like Photoshop, that can handle it.


Well, that so far as I can determine is a bunch of hooey, thanks to the crummy software. There was a faint yellow-cyan cast, but no stripes or blotches or other outbreaks of character.

This is not a good thing.

Bring back the bikini-girl school of promotional posing, I say. Visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions.

Agfa SnapScan e40

Tell me if it ever makes it. The Agfa’s photo scan results are fine, for a cheap scanner.

It’s rotten with ’em. Even pulling the Brightness slider all the way down may still give you only a mid-grey. Agfa’s “proper” scanner driver software is FotoLook, downloadable from here. Agfa’s specs page for the SnapScan e Scan your happy snap at dpi for incorporation into a Word document and you’ll find yourself listening to the Hard Drive Symphony as you chug your way on to a file the size of Mars.

It’s commendably sharp, but rather grey. You may also like. There’s a paper manual, and you also get Adobe Acrobat format documentation for the scanner itself, and for the ScanWise software, on the driver CD.