That page seems a bit out of date, I’m guessing I should be cloning git: I think the first netconsole missed some data at the start I got a belated firewall warning so here’s a second capture that seems to start earlier. BB code is On. Once testing of the latest upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report Status Confirmed. This will allow for a more expedited analysis of the root cause of your issue.

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Installed on 50 days ago InstallationMedia: The commit has made it into a maintainer’s repo.

Indeed, the post-Saucy versions that were succeeding were only doing so because the image-extra package was missing. I downloaded the Ubuntu 4. Armed with this new knowledge, I re-tested some of the builds I had tested previously now with image-extra and found this. Note if I plug in the device but don’t send traffic over it, the system manages to remain running for longer.

Once testing of the latest upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report Status Confirmed. Alternatively any other bright ideas would be welcome.


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I cannot be certain that they refer to the same problem and anyway none of the suggested resolutions work. Today, I have been inserting the dongle after the system boots. It seems the Anything is fair game. The last one does have an image-extra.

Linksys USB100TX v2

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In the absence of a reply to my question, I tried downloading various pegasjs kernels to at least narrow down the scope of the bisecting I’ll have to do. I know that there are a couple of similar threads to this and I have studied them.

The bisecting was entirely in commits that lacked the debian directories so I used the patches from http: I have set w3m as the text-mode browser it was already installed and run apport-collect. HP EliteBook w dmi.

This machine is a server. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. So this bug is much more recent than I originally anticipated.

After building this, I was able to use the network dongle just fine ie. This would leave eth0 free for use by the ADMtek adaptor and – who knows – it may just work.


The package versions were: I’m going to first verify that when I build both of these tags I get the same behaviour as I do with the binary builds. I had to jump through some hoops to update the BIOS since the updater was a Windows binary and this machine does not have Windows on it.

Linksys USBTX v2 – WikiDevi

If the latest kernel did not allow you to test to the issue ex. It is a58eab3eb 80e7e1f9baddc75 aad9 the first of 3 commits to the pegasus driver. To post a comment you must log in. Now I may be clutching at straws here but is there any way I could configure my system so that the ethernet card became eth2 instead of eth0.

Changed in linux Ppegasus Attached is the result of running sudo apport-cli -f -plinux –save bug.