You see, even though this computer was built by Dell without any regard for the possibility of Windows 98 being installed on it, I was trying to dual-boot ’98 and XP. Did you try the R one I posted http: Without going and testing a sound, I got no sound even with multiple restarts. I’ll attach it to this post in case he gets a chance in the morning. It was still there after installing the driver. Windows should see the integrated audio, then install the Dell driver.

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I haven’t installed a driver on win98 in a while so I’m not sure if our driver is installed or not. Wineows was odd was that even with multiple restarts I still had no sound. I have to admit I it took me a minute to remember that I had to edit the. Cleaner interface than XP.

At this point, I’ll be happy with either one!!

Trying to find Win98se drivers for Dell Dimension | Support Forums

Does this help anyone in determining for me what audio drivers could get the sound up and running in Windows 98 Second Edition on this computer, please? ME’s only selling point was System Restore which didn’t work every time much like it still doesn’t work every time.

I have an old Windows 98 computer that I can fire up. That seems like the correct name but the device still isn’t working. Sometimes this will work when the exe install will fail. They all found the drivers, I guess, because when this process was done, I was asked to reboot again, instead of going into the Desktop screen.


Wndows loaded up the Microsoft VM of 98 that I created a week or so ago, with the same 98 disk that I used on the system I just made, and there is a listing for the configuration lines mentioned in the thread I found doing a search. I didn’t have a lot of time but did the install twice.

After trying Win98 for an hour this aindows, I remember why I celebrated the one month anniversary of XP’s release with a ceremonial burning of the Win98 CD. The very first thing you should “try”, is to figure out exactly what hardware it is that you are trying to make work with an ancient OS.

Trying to find Win98se drivers for Dell Dimension 2400

Since you don’t know about the sound card or wish to open the case, another option would be: It’s as if adj GX has speakers built in. Playing one of the system sounds got me sound. I don’t know what the codex errors mean Let’s see if tgell has some input.

They’re cheap if you can find one, because nobody wants one. I need to get more familiar with it. I will try those drivers. I was thinking about this last night and you basically had one of your sound cards installed with similar listings and still got no sound.


Where would the integrated speaker plug entry be? With a little searching, I was also able to find a Broadcom driver. If you can get that, it may help in determining the sound chip used. But after rebooting, that 1988x memory range no longer showed a conflict. Give that one a quick try as it was for the adj an earlier version. With enough searching there is always a fix short of a reinstall. Here is a good guide.

If it isn’t the Soundmax built-in, it will almost certainly be the Creative Labs upgrade card, most of them 198s 98 drivers, if not then you need to find one that does.

I figured that much, as well, by the way. I’m not quite ready to go totally Win7. Easy when you know the limit’s 1: My disc was Win98se so I’m not certain if your version is the same.