Note – Failed drives are displayed in a different text color. Quick Init – Creates the array without initializing or overwriting any data on the selected hard drives. This section contains the following subsections:. Select the Select utility and press Enter. When enabled , this allows the controller to act as a bootable device. Note that there might be a significant performance reduction.

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I am also having the issues with the Dell to 08 upgrade. Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one!

Server and Dell SC Adapted Embedded SATA RAID

Friday, March 21, 9: Services Section ; [install-section-name. You might want to perform a secure embedred only on disk drives that contain confidential or classified information. Disk drives must be initialized before they can be used in an array. Caution – Do not initialize a disk drive that is part of an array. When enabledthe system can be booted from a bootable CD. The size of the disk drive.

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If you chose Clear, the following message appears: I have not been able to get passed the SATA driver issue. For more information, refer to your computer documentation.


Check the BIOS settings to verify the correct boot order. Monday, March 24, 2: The speed of the disk drive. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Caution –When write cache is enabled, there is a slight possibility of data loss or corruption during a power failure. Adaptec controllers support single-drive volumes that can be used for drives that are not part of a Ebedded array. FYI, below is the “aarich. If you chose Build, you are prompted to select the source drive. I would be very interested in any other anecdotal information on the SC and Windows Server.

SATA drivers for Supermicro MB

Note – Failed drives are displayed in a different text color. To View the Event Log. When enabledremovable media devices, such as CD drives, are supported. Array Background Consistency Check. It is recommended that you disable satx cache on the disk drive. Windows Server Application Compatibility and Certification.


You can use the disk utilities tool embeded perform low-level formatting, or to verify your disk drives. This value is for display purposes only. This just seems odd to me that there isn’t a 08 driver anywhere! The event log is cleared of any non-persistent events each time you restart your computer.

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The utility displays the following information about the status of the battery. Select the array that you want to make bootable, and then press Ctrl-B.

There can be one or more entries in any ; per-manufacturer Models section, depending upon how many devices and drivers ; the INF file installs for a taid manufacturer. When the array has finished clearing, the following message appears: If you modified any settings, you are prompted to save the changes before you exit.