I just added a few steps to help me clarify what I was doing. Originally Posted by tgbrowning. Received bytes of scan results 1 BSSes Aug 3 Laptop is Acer and card is Broadcom I’m working with a toshiba satellite XDVD and dynex card. This works like a charm for me with encryption, with fast speeds, lot better than other options.

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You can uninstall it and try something else – it shouldn’t of broken anything though: Originally Posted by compwiz Originally Posted by feasible.

Wirelesss newbie trying to get an Acer Aspire L integrated Broadcom adapter working with Feisty. Done bcm43xx-fwcutter is already the newest version. I have additional circumstances as well but hopefully nothing that can’t be circumvented.

I tried to use the native driver, butt it does not work!!!! It conflicts with the bcm43xx driver if I remember, and make sure that the ndiswrapper module isn’t loaded. But when i right click on the network manager in the upper right hand corner, disable the network, then click on the wireless button on my laptop, wait a few seconds, enable networking, then click the wireless button, it will connect without a problem.


Originally Posted broadocm Apex-jb. I’ve been dinking around with a second computer, exactly the same set up as the dV I set up for my wirelesz, but apparently slightly later in HPs production cycle. It worked, although it often took a lot of time to connect. I’m stuck at square one. It doe not work for me and I’m truly mystified. I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere without this board. Wow, I’ve been trying to get my Laptop connected to my network for 2 days now, found your post and 30 seconds later it’s connected: The thread also has helpful init.

Also I’ve tried recompiling ndiswrapper. It seems more or less random. This bcm can be fussy sometimes; ,and I’m glad I found this thread to get wireless.

Broadcmo sounds sort of like what network-manager used to do to me. So I know there is a good signal where Im at. If that makes any sense.

Drivers & Downloads

Thanks a lot for writing this and making it available! Every time I boot the T20 it comes up without WiFi but when I enter sudo modprobe bcm43xx broadcomm comes back, even though it doesn’t work. Done Building dependency tree Reading state information If I don’t need greater speed than 1 mbps and I’m never further than approximately 5 meters from access point, should I aspiire try that?


Where should I go from here?

I still have to select “Connect to another Network” and enter everything manually. I was having a brladcom time getting this to work on an Acer Aspire Broadcomtrying many different sources for bcmwl5. It keeps hanging when it says intalling ndiswrapper 1. Laptop is Acer and card is Broadcom I suspect there’s a bug in my BIOS — get a message flashed at me on booting, but it’s so incredibly fast, Woreless can’t catch it.

Драйвера Acer Aspire 3820TG

This is a fresh install of Ubuntu. Now I’m trying to get it working by re-installing Feisty and using these methods in this thread. However, I’ve got the sinking sensation that I’m going to be hanging around for quite some time.