Remove excess outputlatency under the followingconditions: Actually, there have been a number of minor changes to the audio engine over the last couple months the specifics of which I forgot. To add insult to injury, most newer AC97 codecs fall into that category e. Basically, this means an extension to the on-the-fly rate conversion capabilities. The ASIO control panel is now being updated immediately after a different audio device has been selected.

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Improve performance latency of USB audio class devices in Windows 7. Whether this effort is continued or not largely depends on the willingness of individuals to spend a day or two translating stuff into their native tongue – solely for being given credit.

AC’97 Audio Codecs (Driver Only)

Basically, this means an extension to the on-the-fly rate conversion capabilities. I am compelled to ask Function of the “Always Resample” checkbox was inverted.

What is true, however, is the great amount of time and dedication he spent helping other people with their audio hardware and software issues – including issues surrounding ASIO4ALL, at times. If you could test your system with sufficient accuracy, those results would not be valid on a different machine running a differently configured OS on different hardware with a different cable and DAC. Add ability to recover from surprise removal of USB audio devices.


Also allow right mouse button on tray icon to open the GUI. Midiman I get what you’re saying, sorz 4 being so brief.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

AC97 is not my first choice – but when I’m on the move it drives my built in speakers better than the Indigo. Some minor improvements to the audio engine code. Fix several issues with in app integration API added earlier. Workaround for a bug in CT drivers.

I was told it uses the same zsio engine as Sonar.

We only have a chance with WavePci, because these drivers do not actually copy audio data from our buffer but rather make the buffer we submit to them their current DMA buffer. The Dutch Mountains Status: However, comaptible solution seems to work better than I orignially expected.

If you have a notable difference in that setup, first it is on your side to demonstrate that such thing happens. This only applies to buffered mode i.

Improve support for some multi-channel devices and fix an issue with devices that did show up in the device list but no sample rate could be set Actual error message depends on how much your sequencer got confused by that More cards should be able to run on I discovered that a number of low-cost audio gear have the WDM driver resample on-the-fly.


Also, the compatiboe has been updated with some information on using ReWuschel. If the overload condition does not go away, there will be even more silence.

Consequently, people have started sending condolences. More minor changes to the latency guess-o-matic.

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What makes you think that calling ASIOoutputReady asynchronously is going to help matters in any way one can think of? I noticed it always did that, that’s why it’s a good idea to disable the soundcard in Bios-but it depends on those settings in the Audio tab, and the Windows audio mixer.

You’ll be tied to Some more minor performance tweaks an other things.

Cmpatible audio device configuration changed to skip HDMI audio. Pull-Mode to be used at all. Some localizations are still in the pipe. Fewer overloads at low buffer size settings. Add support for Vista bit WaveRT audio and real time scheduling.