Exactly as you describe. In that box, find a line item for Finisher Type. You will not see your printer advertised automatically as Bonjour is disabled Xerox says its an Apple software problem. Then click Configuration Report.

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Repeat for the other copier. These last steps are required to complete the configuration: Xerox WorkCentre multifunction printers There are 2 multifunction printers at the dschool, one located in the first floor Staff Print Shop area and one in the second floor Student Print Shop. I appreciate you taking the time to post!

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: There are 3 printing areas at the dschool; the first floor print shop for teaching teams, faculty and staff, the second floor student print shop for students and the second floor digital prototyping room.

How to Configure Mac OS X to use Xerox Accounting Codes – Help and How-to – CLAS IT

derox Anybody else trying to print on a Xerox device? I am using Xerox Print Driver 3. For further information, Click here for the Xerox user guide page for the WorkCentre What specifically are the error messages?

Congratulations, you have completed the installation! I have no idea what the No Separators message means, or why they would have a constraint on this. Until you print and then you get random errors like “Printer in use” or “remote host did not accept data file 32 ” or “LDP Network Service not available, cycle power off and on”.


Go to the Properties tab. After many hand-offs, service escalations, a Xerox specialist had duplicated the problem on their hardware and simply called me back with the solution.

If you choose to scan and send via email, it’s best to limit scans to about 10 pages or so. Ask a question Reset. Hi Larry, Thank you so much for sharing this information. Unable to change any settings in Print dialog pane for Xerox WorkCentre In the ‘Finishing Up’ window, make sure that the first floor Xerox Xerox 1 is selected as your default printer, deselect the ‘print test page’ et Voila!

There are three options for scanning documents: When I try to print I get a sequence of four Alerts telling me I cannot change the settings. First you need to understand that there is an obvious bug in how the WorkCentre firmware including serox absolute latest after 3 altboot upgrades would handle Bonjour and LPD protocol also configured as Multicast DNS Registration Click on the drop down menu to “Select Software” then in the next window, search for your model and select it.


xerox workcentre print driver no lon… – Apple Community

Maybe you can walk them through the steps and they can explain what other setting is causing the duplex constraint message to show. They believe that Apple has started to use their own Print Drivers in Mavericks, and these conflict with the Xerox Drivers inteneded for Mavericks.

What happens when you try to change the settings? I have spent three days with Xerox Level Two support.

How to Configure Mac OS X to use Xerox Accounting Codes

Exactly as you describe. The Public Address Book is a local address book of d. On that page, expand General Setup.

Students are encouraged to print to the Xerox copier in the second floor student copy area. Xerox WorkCentre multifunction printers. Posted on Apr 15, 5: Click here to learn about scanning, faxing and copying features of the Xerox Maybe they have a constraint with the page size?