The Yaris and Fit are both smaller, though from a practical standpoint, that may not end up mattering. I bought my car with beige leather which in my opinion doesnt look as cheap as the grey. Never mind the internals, such as video card and motherboard, were as cheap as they came. I mean up to such a degree that even with taxes a person could have made money just buying neons and selling them a year later. If I ever relaxed a bit, the car would just start randomly veering — quite scary.

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Some say an Oil tanker takes 7 miles to turn. It is the appaling cheap interior look and feel combined with dull driving dynamics that prevent this car from being what it could have been.

Cose canadiadriver con me? The Caliber at least gives you an option. If DCX stick with this model and refines it the sales could stay strong.

The real test of the car comes later after A everyone who really, really wants one really, really has one canadiandrivver B the owners who have one decide whether or not they want another one.

Robert hit it right. I bought my car with beige leather which in my opinion doesnt look as cheap as the grey. I pretty much agree with the Lexus, but you mean the Ridgeline, right? The Caliber wins hands down! Frank, thanks for the figures—I find that interesting.


I hear this kind of rhetoric semi-often from fans of the Big 3, and it really just pushes the import buyers who are the majority further away. I think a tip of the hat needs to be given to current automotive designers; sub-compact used to be designed for sub-humans. My best laughs of the week so far.

Second, my Caliber is steering away from repair shops. At the risk of becoming the Kirvorkian of Cars, I recommend we wait and see before pronouncing this model a success. I would also suspect that some of the AWD components are barrowed from Mitsubishi. Caro el mio caro fio, ma fio, po fio, che ve lo digo de cuor Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars.

Dodge Caliber Review

Checked out the Jeep Compass 5 speed and loved it…quick, easy to drive and comfortable. Wow, lots of Caliber defenders here trying to pointlessly justify a car they can canadiandriveer sell to rental companies…well, and you. Blame a CVT continuously variable transmission that sacrifices urge on the altar of smoothness.

I for one like the caliber and really like mine with AWD…just wait all you honda owneres when the hp srt4 comes out next month. It really looks like a cartoon of a car.


Like Adrian said, this car photographs a lot better than it looks in person. The rental had 20 miles on it when I got it, so at most it was rented once before. I think the Compass has more glass in the hatch In short being someone who likes cheap and cheerful I would buy one canaddiandriver used.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. When they switched me to the Caliber, I thought there must be some mistake. You would think Dodge could have done a little better. When the Challenger or Camaro roll out the mustang will get an update to Canadiandrivver styling and rumored canadiandriverr have chassis upgrades.

That said, I am predicting the new Jeep Patriot about to come out will actually steal sales from the Caliber.

Now I really want to see a picture of the MusicGate. What no one seems to be mentioning is that the base model is decidedly that; base. The steeting was a tad numb from what I assume was canadiandriverr power steering.