The jumber on the card is set at 32bit position. Please click here to register! Definetely, PnP OS is not one of them. I feel a little better now. Posted 8 Jun Your first problem, and maybe your only problem is, you are using Allen-Bradley. It works great connecting to either the 3-pin phoenix connector or the round fake mini-DIN.

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For DH, we use: You seem to have a deep seeded hatred for AB. Register a new account. You must be a Control. They really haven’t given another PLC a shot. Sign In Sign Up. Posted 7 Jun edited.

My former relationship with AB went by the wayside. September 2nd, To search the site, enter your search terms in the box labeled “search the site” and hit Enter.

Allen-Bradley 1784-pktx/a B02 PCI Communication Module Card Adapter

I should have simply asked, “What is their rational? And, even if you run into a PLC that doesn’t have Indirect and Indexed Addressing, that too can be developed in the “Roll yer Own” style through ladder!


Ljnx stuff is considerebly higher across the board. I know that I didn’t answer Chavak’s question, and I said as much. Shall try it now itself. There is also a site dedicated entirely to Allen-Bradley discussion: Good luck, chavak And keep trying other PLC’s as much as you can.

PLC Hardware – PLCH Validation

They use their own BIOS’s, which are programmed to suit them. It is a good card to have if you run multiple platforms. Ken, I certainly don’t dis-like you. November 3rd, Who wants to write program without seeing descriptions? Please click here to register! I prefer to “roll yer own system” using generic devices, especially, the standard BIOS.

Rockwell / Allen-Bradley PKTx Series – In Stock, We Buy Sell Repair, Price Quote

Remember me on this computer. Your first problem, and maybe your only problem is, you are using Allen-Bradley. It’s just that sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the fact that our site if I may be so bold as to say “our”, Phil is constantly overwhelmed with AB operational problems rather than general PLC programming issues.


While using this stuff you can forget about “drag and drop”. By Bruce on 16 August, – July 1st, It’s free, and you can customize the content you view, as well as being able to subscribe to threads and topics, getting new posts delivered to your email as they appear. Find More Posts by chavak. No termination resistor has been provided, at any NetAIC coupler or at the end of the bus. Page 1 of 2.