Normally when pairing a handset with a Bluetooth dongle, part of the process is that the dongle discovers which services the handset supports. Visit our network of sites: Parity Select the Parity portion of the data settings. This gives you the ability to detect connection failures as well as insure that login sequences are correctly being provided and executed. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community.

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Test Results When you perform a “TEST”, this tab will contain a log of the actions taken by the add-in so that you can evaluate the steps and locate any points of failure.

Nokia Maps is a navigation program that, when the smartphone is paired with a Bluetooth GPS, gives a solid mapping solution.

Overall, the multimedia aspect of the N81 8GB was not over and above, but it just kind of fit. The power button was the only one I really had a problem with, as it was too hard to press and required a bit of a dent into my finger to access it. Voice quality and features were of the normal high Nokia standard. These are basic buttons, and are only lit when the device is active and playing music, or when you have the music player open.

Then installed the individual modej as modems on the computer, with thethe options shown, were dial up plus PC Suite plus data transfer, but with the N81 the only options were dial up and data transfer, the PC Suite option didi not appear. QUIT This command causes the script to terminate immediately with a successful result. Because use of this add-in assumes that you have some basic knowledge of modem communications, we will not go into detail regarding each of these settings.


Help how can I use my N81 as a modem

The N81 8GB stayed connected to Mail for Exchange for email, calendar mldem contacts and Jaiku social network pretty much all the time, and I have been able to get 1. Invalid value contained in script. N81 – Select “None”. The N81 8GB is a very sleek device, even though it reminds me of a well chiseled brick.

N81 8GB bluetooth modem not recognized by PC Suite

Overall, nothing spectacular about using the phone side of the N81 8GB, but given a few UI enhancements it could give a few phones a run for their money. This document simply outlines the user interface and associated mode.

The difference is slight, but the results, here too, are quite obvious.

Battery life is one area that I was impressed with. When you select NEW or EDIT from the main configuration window, you will be presented with the Script Editing window which has been designed to be as simple as the scripting functionality. Until I changed the default theme, it was nearly unreadable in direct sunlight.

You will be presented with the option to save any changes that have been made before the window is closed. Save As This option allows you to save the configuration settings to a named file.

Help how can I use my N81 as a modem – Microsoft Community

Select Script to be executed after connection. Add Click this button to add a new script command to mdem end of the list. See Script Configuration for more information.


Using a bluetooth dongle I can access the internet with my Nokia using the Almadar netwotk,but its so slow it’s nearly unuseable.

They are capable of being business devices, but a few minutes with one will make it clear that the N81 8GB was made to rock out. Invalid modem initialization string – no dialing occurs. Remove Click this button to remove the currently selected script command. The design seems made for this kind of use, and everything from the applications to the buttons just seem to fit in very well together.

Sorry, forgot to mention that yes I have used the connection manager in the PC Suite to install the N81 as modem, and appears to install ok, but when I opt to connect to internet the only modem shown is the bluetooth modem. Exit Closes the configurations settings. Where the music, phone, and Internet abilities were great, and above that of many mobiles; the camera and some aspects of the general user interface were disappointing.

We have included a Sample Configuration that simulates a dialup attempt to an ISP, and attempts a scripted login sequenced. The only downside of Nokia Maps is that most of the really good features, such as voice navigation, can only be had with a paid subscription.

It is not practical to use the usb cable as no 3g signal near pc.