We, like everyone else here, are bummed out that Microsoft stopped making this trackball. Maybe I should switch to some sort of touchpad that allows finger gestures. I wonder if that means they found a place for spare parts or what. I mean literally sore- I have epicondylitis and a regular mouse causes me pain. Prices have soared on these since they’ve been discontinued many, many years ago, but I think it’s worth the extra cost to own one. My beloved Trackball Explorer is at least six or seven years old, probably more, and even in my animal-hair-filled house two cats, one dog , it still works perfectly! No go on the clear acrylic balls.

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I have looked at a lot of track balls. Tell us about your experience with our site.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0 USB Ps2 Mouse X08 70390

Personally I can only use a mouse for a short while and my hand cramps up. This is simply my favorite mouse of all time.

Awesome and then some. I trafkball the new Explorer out several times with the idea of hooking it up, but I was put off by the scrolling wheel opration having to be done with your thumb. Ergonomicly so well designed and a joy to work with all day long. Customer satisfaction also figures in some. I don’t even think about using it anymore- the setup is in memory and second nature. Wxplorer suspect the writing in this box identifies the vendor.


Trackball Explorer – Microsoft Community

You can access these with your thumb or your fingers since they are in both places. If I have to replace them in another 5 years, I can deal with that.

Trackbwll, Microsoft decided to focus on ksb comfortable and stylish mouse products instead of trackballs. I have purchased 3 over the years and was shocked to see the price at over a hundred dollars a couple years ago. We want our trackball and I refuse to use anything else from microsoft but a trackball. I thought maybe a sensor was dirty or something like that. I have tried some years ago to get microsoft to re-issue.

I have worn out 5 of these trackballs. Could it be something that simple? Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Does anyone know why such small amounts of shmutz makes the TBE stop working? Bummer, but I was prepared! Another way is to scan the bottom and print it. I currently work in the video games industry making 3D assets with a TBE both at home and work.

The new bulge still fits well inside the body of the trackball. Any NCIS fans out there? As designer and first day rhino user I have thought about a better production version less parts etc but the trouble is that our ergonomics will not allow this — compair any ordinary mouse two plastic parts, one printcard, couple of sensors direct on printcard and you will understand….


The Microsoft Trackball Explorer is easily the best computer pointing device ever contrived by the mind of man. If that is the case, then where is the patent being used?

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I took a small safety pin, heated up the tip with a lighter, and melted a tiny hole from the back. People just love to buy things they have no inkling on how to use.

Be sure to tell us how the Sanwa trackball compares! I took my TBE apart. I have no idea where my cds are for this trackball anymore, and i cant find anywhere where to download the program which lets you change the mouse its settings, so i hopefully could turn off the mousewheel. I also have Logitech cordless trackball, collecting dust says it all.