Posted January 22, It should now work. NetworkManager can use them; WPA2 works without a custom supplicant; no proprietary daemons; etc. Not sure how much code rt2x00 shares with rtsta if any , but hopefully this project will pick up support for I am using the latest ralink rt driver [2. View all comments or add a comment.

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I used Disk Utility for this.

Error – Failed to allocate device. BUT, I downloaded the driver from the site listed. Booting with the stick plugged seems to resolve the hang problem described in commont 9.

Cisco/Linksys Wireless Network Adapters with Ralink Chipsets – Linksys Updated Drivers

The real question is, what else needs to be done to add lonksys for the ? I’m a long-time user of Bloglines, a RSS feed reader.

What is the general process for getting new hardware supported? Going through steps again clean, llnksys, install Message 8 of 15 21, Views. On Ralink website, there are the driver for the chipset RT I’m using an IBook G4 with Tiger.


Download the newest driver from the ralink homepage 2. Daan Kets daankets wrote on The “iwconfig” command says with “5 GHz” band: On the rallink box I also connect using 5Ghz band.

Posted October 27, However upon attempting to connect to my network WPA2 the entire PC froze, causing me to power the machine off twice: Do I have to edit the Info.

Want to make sure my system is compatible before doing the install. It’s really a pity this device can’t be properly detected “out of the box”.

How to install the Ralink driver for the WUSB600N?

Will feedback if any anomalies occur. I tried all this, what do I do after I copy and paste? The program tells me there’s no device, the network pref pane only sees my Firewire port I’m under Ubuntu 9.

Programmer, husband, father, singer, guitarist, tinkerer, reverse engineer, strange, and living in New Jersey. Robin Sheat eythian wrote on I think we will need a volunteer kernel hacker to take a look at it and see if the fix is reasonably easy. Didn’t try wicd but I doubt it will change the stability. I followed instructions and didn’t get anything to work.


But if the action is in Linksys’ court, I’m not sure they would help us at all. If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags: I haven’t played much over the holidays, but one thing I did do is set my router ralnk allow liinksys N connections and then I couldn’t connect.

I really hope that this driver will work soon for the Hi, Well, it looks like while my device is finally working, I linksy only connect at It’s also showed in the device list of Leopard and in WinVista it works fine.