Its whippy feel allowed me to achieve easy RPMs on my kick and slice serves. It offered good touch for feathering a drop shot just over the net and a solid enough feel to make punching deep volleys easy, too. The square inch head size made it very forgiving, and it felt very maneuverable even with its gram unstrung weight. I have played all 3 previous variation of the ProKennex Ki 5 also 2 older , the previous Michelle thought there was good control and plenty of power, but she also noted the lack of spin potential. This was a very fun racquet to hit volleys and overheads with.

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She shared, “This was my first ProKennex playtest so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

CopolyX Hall of Fame Jul 4, Easy to keep balls in play. Because of the short, compact swings that I use on my returns, I found the lack of plow through caused many of my returns to land short in my opponent’s court.

It felt solid, but it was still super plush and comfortable at impact. I was craving more mass in the hoop to help provide some easier depth on my volleys. The fast feel was helpful when hitting shots on the run and when I had to use a lot of wrist to flick the racquet. Touch was great, and because of how maneuverable it was, I had no issues blocking back big balls.

The round head shape was very forgiving as well. Thus, I had trouble getting my kick serves jumping off the court or my flatter serves moving through it.


Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 (older non 2018 model)

I don’t care if it feels stiff as long as it doesn’t hurt my arm. I have played all 3 previous variation of the ProKennex Ki 5 also 2 olderthe previous I was able to be an effective spot-server with this racquet, but I was craving more power on flat first serves.

Of the group, Andy was the most impressed with the Ki 5 around the net. Getting pace was pretty easy, and I liked the way my serves were pushing through the court. For the most part our team really liked how the manoeuvrability and control that the Ki 5 offered translated into their return games. Summary The Pro Kennex Ki 5 turned out to be a pretty interesting playtest for us. Digging out tough low volleys and finding stability on stretch volleys was made easier thanks to this racquet’s stable response.

Its whippy feel allowed me to achieve easy RPMs on my kick and slice serves. She commented, “As I’ve mentioned in other playtests, my return is an area where I can use a lower-powered response and pair it with the adrenaline and big swing I take when returning.

I had no issues kennez pace or depth. The rounder head shape gave me good forgiveness off-center, allowing me to attack serves with confidence.

Pro Kennex Ki 5 16×20 – Teneefy

On my backhand returns, especially the slice, I found that I rarely was getting the ball to land as deep as I would have liked. I replaced my old Ki5x with it. I wouldn’t say there was anything else I really disliked about this racket though.


Put a Ki5 and an older babolat frame side by side and the size, string spacing and jennex shape are identical minus the PK technologies inside the frame. A couple testers commented on how a little 32 weight distributed towards the hoop would have given the racket a bit more plough through and spin potential, so that proved to be the trade-off for how easy the racket was to swing.

I ended up adjusting and serving fine with it, but it took some effort to serve well during this playtest. You must log in or register to reply here. Maneuverability was good, and I had no trouble getting it into position kenne quick exchanges. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Both racquets can be 3200 fast, but I found a bit more precision and control out of the ProKennex. Right now my favorite cross is Babolat Origin, but you can use a cheaper string if you like. Ramon Hall of Fame Jul 5, I was able to generate plenty of racquet head speed on flat first serves, but I found the lack of plow through made it harder for me to get the power that I typically have with my Pro Staff RF97 Autograph.