Checking for valid readings with DaqView first is recommended. Click on the first available connector 0: The Information about screen will appear following figure. Waveform output start is synchronized to the ADC trigger acquisition start. Configuration of the waveform output is handled in hardware setup. Users interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons.

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We highly recommend that you review that document, especially if you are new to DASYLab or have been away from the application for an extended time. Click the Use Calibration Function check box. There are no PointScan related drivers to select.

Only newer support is installed. When prompted itoech Setup Type. Calculates an octave analysis of the input signal with time domain filters bandwidths: Enter the constants for Range.

[PDF] DASYLab Guide, Using IOtech Data Acquisition Products with DASYLab

DataSocket Import Setup 3 a Select the channel that is to be configured. This will ensure that the data from each worksheet module coincides with the data from the DataSocket Import module.


The dialog box allows you to easily add configured hardware. You can run both NI devices and Measurement Computing devices at the same time. A single icon handles all cards within the same base address so you need to exercise care in matching the icon software channel to the hardware subaddress and channel. Supplemental Information Some of the material presented in this section is redundant.

Solved: Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

When you add the second board, it will prompt you and ask if you want to use timing from the master board for the other boards. To change the acquisition device: Supports multiple hardware devices synchronized to a common input scan clock. For slow acquisitions, this may be considered too long. The time between each channel read is fixed.

Information Screen If you did not receive the version listed on your purchase order. After a module is added to the worksheet.

Allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an enhancec computer with compatible hardware configurations. Visualization functions are placed exactly like the function modules on the worksheet.


DASYLab® 2016 – Easy-to-Use, Icon-based DAQ Software

The Expansion Selection dialog box appears. This selection is largely irrelevant.

Repeat these steps for all remaining Iotec boards that you have. WBK16 For proper operation. DaqLab and DaqScan users need to refer to Chapter 1, as those devices make use of the enhanced driver.

They represent inputs or outputs, operation modules or display instruments. Browse to the contents of your CD drive.

Never leave a gap in connector assignments. In the preceding figure socket images can be seen for channels 0. For a day trial select the evaluation serial number while running the configurator. If this is not performed.

Select the hardware models that you will be using. Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab.