You can have a test for that. AVI Trailer with default player: Sudo may obviously ask for your password, so you have to be in the sudoers file. Normal Video Playback Xv. TheKazaR 3 aprile Alternatively, if you have ssh enabled on your machine you could do it remotely. This only works if you call pm-suspend or pm-hibernate inside X.

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Instead of hard rebooting, you could try to blindly reboot your system, since the last thing you used before suspend was the terminal. This will drop frames when needed, and use 4 threads You should change this depending on your Atom Processor meaning playing HD video is possible.

HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo – Ubuntu Wiki

Then, in the terminal: In this case, only VGA-0 is really connected physically. You can have a test for that. A very short script is available to do this with less typing written by mulenmar. A higher kernel is available in backports. If you have problems playing p and gm5a00 videos, yes, that’s normal while there are not accelerated XV drivers.


If you want to revert back, just replace modesetting with fbdev. First, make sure that you have pm-utils [ broken link: Live Desktop CD TheKazaR 3 aprile Poor Multimedia Performance Windows wins without any dubt. Have lniux multi-screen, color management work correctly By default at linu on Theare two main partial working driver for US15 platform: Actually, I feel linux runs slower than XP.

Post installation Ubuntu As of kernel 3. Better situation than default player but p video runs still 1FPS. For some reason, xrandr sees some non-existing ports:. Retrieved from ” https: Add one of these lines and save the file:.

Driver overview

Common netbook resolutions are x, x and x To set display to minimal brightness, issue this command as root:. I inhel not speak about the problems in linux with drivers you can find some bugfix googling: Wei Xu 9 aprile Sudo may obviously ask for your password, so you have to be in the sudoers untel. To test it, open a terminal and use the following commands sudo pm-suspend –quirk-vbemode-restore That should suspend your system.


linxu Add them to your kernel parameters. There are several potential solutions: Fix suspend If suspend does not work for you, there are various quirk options you can try. Have not dedicated more ram to gpu, will update if it makes significant difference.

Inteo is an opensource OS but,u nfortunately, this has determinate the emergence of billions of distros that sometimes may confuse users migrating from other OS like MS or Mac If suspend does not work, there are various quirk options you can try. If you stuck with a black screen after resume, be aware that besides the black screen, your system works fine.