Manual and Automatic Controls Button Operation Installers and end users will be deemed directly liable for any damages resulting from either of their failure to comply with the above rules. Face this direction for correct Azimuth and Polarization Orientation Fig. Is everything connected together correctly? All other product names mentioned in this manual may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are the sole property of their respective manufacturers. The will then read the response from the modem in the text area below the command line.

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It is recommended that you use an external compass to be as accurate with the orientation as possible. Performs an automatic ACP test for Hughes service. You can choose to continue using the wizard or click NO to proceed to the iNetVu Mobile software.

S2 This menu allows for the configuration of the reference satellite parameters. Maintenance Platform Parameters Type The user is capable of configuring the platform in use. You have successfully completed the installation and setup of the iNetVu? The Skew Adjustment will rotate the antenna on the polarization axis in both directions to locate the 3dB drop in Signal Strength, and then re-center itself using the best possible Polarization Angle.

Page 18 of 5. ACQ Attenuation dB The Series controller software interfaces give inervu user flexibility to set the power level of the signal when searching using the beacon receiver. Page 67 of Q12A – iNetVu? What polarisation is set? Inevu Idle No operations are currently being performed. The iNetVu Mobile software will now begin, click on the Next button. Page 97 of Elevation Parameters The Elevation menu allows for the configuration of the ientvu axis.


Set AZ Window Size ibetvuif 45 is the starting point or center of the search window.

INetVu Controller Manual

This value is not an indication of signal strength when transmitting a signal. If the system detects motion it will wait 1min, if dish still on signal the system will re-acquire satellite, inetgu the dish will stow due to motion or movement, the system will automatically re-acquire satellite depending on the user entered delay time after stow.

Refer to Appendix 7 for A configuration; functionality will be the same for all Series Controllers. Box selected implies Motion Protection is enabled.

Antenna will center itself and attempt to locate the cut-off edges of the Azimuth Stow Switch. Page 47 of 4 —Azimuth Calibration This feature will only be available on Legacy mounts. Mobile Platform should be physically centered on the Azimuth axis.

TC Communications – iNetVu Controller

E — Enable Limit Once enabled, the up, down and stow limits will be activated whenever the up, down, and stow TM sensors have been triggered on the iNetVu Mobile platform.


Find Satellite 2 Performs automatic satellite acquisition for configured satellite 2. Click SEND if any modifications are made. Page 6 of Table of Contents 1.

VSAT Antenna Controller 7000/7024

Will read the compass heading at a user specified elevation, azimuth, and polarization target point. Page 60 of 7. Follow this order when saving: This branch also contains the frequency, symbol rate, and code rate of a reference transponder.

Page 82 of this field is not applicable. Page 42 of subnet IP address, as well as the controller gateway IP address.

Override — the compass has been overridden, and direction entered manually considered Full Search — searches a full ? Contains information pertaining to the error code if an error occurs. PL Polarization Allows configuration of the polarization pot and zero factor, skew adjustment, stow inetvj, polarization offset, speed, and current limits.

Override Compass can be selected without selecting Full Search but this does not hold true for the vice-versa. Once the service type is chosen, the user must click on the Update Beam Table button to apply the inetvh Beam Table for the selected Service type.